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With today's daily energy on November 05th, 2022, the influences of the waxing moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Aries at 00:10 in the night and thus initiated a new zodiac sign cycle, are reaching us on the one hand, and on the other hand are slowly reaching us but the preliminary energies of the coming total lunar eclipse (in the sign of Taurus). The powerful energies of this fateful or consciousness-changing event are therefore already being felt, similar to the last solar eclipse (two weeks ago) was the case.

The first November portal day

The first November portal dayAs far as that is concerned, solar and lunar eclipses are always accompanied by an ancient energy that ultimately has the power to fundamentally realign the collective. The last solar eclipse in the zodiac sign Scorpio could already let us feel a corresponding changing quality in this regard. In fact, the event was so powerful at its core that since then the dominant frequency has been on a completely different level. The solar eclipse days were extremely intense and in combination with the sign of Scorpio many unfulfilled or even suppressed structures were washed to the surface. In this context, the Scorpio zodiac sign always brings hidden structures to the surface and carries a strong power of transformation (matching his ruling planet Pluto), which is why November is also a month in which, in general, much that is hidden becomes visible (because Sun - our essence, is always in Scorpio at this time). Well, going back to the past eclipse, as of these days the prevailing quality of energy has been extremely strong and many people are feeling that something has changed energetically. The days are very knowledgeable and whirl us up neatly. The masks of the collective or the people fall, just as some are in deep processes of change and are very strongly confronted with their primal wounds. This is exactly how the current reorganization processes (old matrix shatters - a new world becomes manifest) extremely accelerated. The days and weeks go by faster than ever before.

Moon in Aries zodiac sign

Moon in Aries zodiac signYou can really feel how much has changed in the background. Since the solar eclipse, hardly anything feels the same as it used to be. Our personal fields experience a transformation like we have never experienced before. And with the coming total lunar eclipse we will again experience a tremendous peak in this regard. Its preliminary energies can already be felt. Well then, otherwise the Moon/Aries energies will also reach us today. Aries itself, as the first zodiac sign in the zodiac cycle, is always accompanied by an energy of new beginnings. On the other hand, Aries makes our emotional life very fiery and activates our inner state of being. As far as that is concerned, the moon always stands for our emotional life (Sun = Our Essence | Moon = our emotional life). And in Aries our own emotional life is strongly activated. It's about a driving force that wants to push us forward. We can be more impulsive, but also more spontaneous and direct. This is exactly how we can feel emotionally very alive or even open to new things. This lunar quality will now accompany us for three days, until the total lunar eclipse in the zodiac sign Taurus reaches us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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