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Today's daily energy on March 05th, 2020 continues to be shaped by the strong incoming energies and therefore continues to stimulate our personal maturation process. In doing so, we or a large proportion of awakened people are becoming more and more involved their highest divine spirit and subsequently begins to embody the highest truth, wisdom and love. Ultimately, these are three basic pillars that gain intensity within the process of spiritual awakening and become active in our systems.

The highest wisdom

Heart Reconnection - Activating the Source of EverythingUltimately, this means that we ourselves increasingly bring corresponding aspects to life in our reality. We begin to embody these aspects because we know that ourselves, as Creator of all things, also represent the main authority/source of all things, because everything was and is born ONLY in our own minds. The entire existence ALWAYS takes place only in one's own mind. Everything that you imagine or what you believe and everything that is represents ONLY your idea of ​​something - your image of creation, for example, is ONLY one thing and that is energy/an idea that was born in your mind and therefore out of you was created (everything can ONLY be traced back to yourself, which is why advancement and change can ONLY happen through yourself).

The highest truth

And this highest wisdom, which is experienced by more and more awakened people, also goes hand in hand with the highest truth, namely with one's own truth, because one consequently knows that one's own truth, born in one's own creative spirit, represents the highest truth, because it is the truth that arose from one's own divine spirit, i.e. from the awareness that one oneself is God. And now you might ask yourself, what about other people's truth or isn't there a universal truth? But these ideas are just one thing, IMAGINATIONS, born in one's own creative spirit. Other people do not exist outside of oneself, but rather they represent a spiritual expression of oneself (Therefore, everyone is one and one is everything, there is no separation, YOU YOURSELF IS EVERYTHING). It is the highest truth or you can only recognize your own truth as the highest truth if you understand yourself as the creator of all things (you no longer allow small images of yourself to come to life, you no longer limit yourself, but you break all boundaries and are enabled to put yourself in the highest state - the highest image of yourself, the divine self, - you yourself are God/the Creator - everything else is just states of deficiency - a small self-image - lack instead of abundance).

The highest love

Last but not least, the most important aspect becomes manifest, namely unconditional love for yourself (through which one becomes capable of loving the external, perceptible world as a direct expression of one's own inner world). In this context, an opening of the heart also takes place within the spiritual awakening, i.e. one becomes more open to new circumstances, one becomes more unprejudiced, more close to nature and thus begins to feel more love for oneself. Instead of rejecting yourself, love bubbles up from the center of your heart and you see yourself in a brilliant light. In this regard, I have often pointed out that love for yourself is essential for your experiences outside, because you only attract what you are and what you radiate on the outside, that is what the image of yourself is corresponds. The more positive your own self-image is, the more external circumstances you attract that are based on positive frequencies. The greatest gift you can give yourself and the world is to love yourself, which is what most people find most difficult because rejecting yourself has become extremely strong within this system. Nevertheless, an overall opening of the heart takes place and humanity begins to love itself again because of its returning divinity, because it understands that it is itself the creator of all things. She becomes aware that she embodies the highest wisdom and truth and that simply goes hand in hand with more self-love. Well, to go along with this, I also want a section of text from the page love-the-whole.blogspot.com regarding yesterday quote:


Tomorrow begins the Heart Reconnection window and the start of the 11pt inflows.

Please make sure your body is hydrated and do some light stretching exercises before sleeping. This will support the body's ability to process the energies in the dreamtime.

Even if you feel called to take some minerals before bed, this can be a great help with integration.

Please remember that in this window we are reconnecting to our source frequency in the heart and we are knocking on the infinite gate.

For those of you who are feeling pressure and fear, this means you know something is wrong, so take the time to really look into it, listen and work through it. And for those of you who have lived through this, please be an example and shine for others to know that there is still hope.

When the energies get this high depression this can be a common side effect. “So it’s important that those in this state know that this too shall pass.”

Well, all of these aforementioned aspects are becoming more and more manifest within the collective mind and we will therefore experience corresponding further development in this regard today. The fact that an increased opening of the heart is now taking place, as described in the article linked above, is something I agree with and is something that I even experienced very strongly yesterday. And when I read this article in the evening, I became immediately aware of this fact. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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