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After yesterday's very stormy day (strong winds in the west and northeast of Germany - Storm Bennet - It felt like a storm was raging here during the night, the wind made everything creak and there was a huge whistle outside - it wasn't until Wednesday that the weather situation calmed down again), Things are a little quieter today and we can relax a little more.

Dreamy moods

Dreamy moodsIn keeping with this, the moon also changes to the zodiac sign Pisces at 09:10 a.m., which is known to represent a more pronounced mental life, dreamy moods, sensitivity, increased sensitivity and a sensitive nature. Withdrawal or even a certain introspection, i.e. a return to our inner peace, our true being and, above all, an immersion into our own mental life, could therefore be very useful for us. In this regard, it is not wrong to take time for yourself and to completely surrender to inner silence, after all, we represent the space of creation ourselves and have incredible inner strength, especially in moments of peace, reflection and introspection , mobilized or reactivated. Surrendering to our own silence/peace can therefore be a balm for our own soul and is of immense benefit to our own well-being. At this point you can also from here meditative states speak in which we may even feel a connection with the entire existence and consequently connect with our inner cosmos (apart from the fact that a relaxed/calm mind has an extremely inspiring influence on our entire organism, - mind → body). Well, apart from the moon's influences, it's also worth mentioning Mercury, which will go retrograde again from 19:11 p.m.

Sustained thought activity traps you in the world of form and becomes an opaque partition that prevents you from becoming aware of the unmanifest. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

In this regard, it should also be said again that apart from the sun and moon, all planets go retrograde at certain times of the year. We are talking about a retrograde because, when viewed from Earth, it appears as if the planets were moving “backward” through the corresponding signs of the zodiac. In this context, retrograde planets are also associated with various problems or one could also say that corresponding issues that are connected to the planet are brought about within us. Especially when we have conflicts within ourselves regarding these topics, corresponding aspects can be illuminated much more clearly on our part. We will then most likely be confronted with these issues automatically.

Mercury Retrograde – Meaning & Influences

And Mercury is represented as a planet of communication and intellect. In particular, it can address our logical thinking, our ability to learn, our ability to concentrate and also our ability to express ourselves verbally. On the other hand, it influences our ability to make decisions and, if necessary, brings any type of human communication to the fore. Communication in particular is also worth mentioning here and could, if there is a certain discrepancy in this regard (communicative disagreements in various interpersonal relationships), are increasingly transported into our daily consciousness. But that's not a bad thing; it's more about resolving this conflict. Talking to the relevant person in detail instead of remaining silent would then be advisable to resolve the conflict. Well, last but not least, I have a small list from the site for you viversum.de, which lists circumstances that now benefit us and circumstances that we should now avoid (especially if we have personal disagreements on these points - insecurities etc.):

What we should leave aside during this time

  • conclude important contracts
  • make hasty decisions
  • make larger investments
  • tackle long-term projects
  • really want to move things forward
  • Do things at the last minute

What we should do during this time

  • complete projects that have been started
  • apologize for a mistake
  • revise wrong decisions
  • Work up what is left behind
  • get rid of old things
  • make new (professional) plans
  • get to the bottom of things
  • reorganize yourself
  • Rethink opinions and attitudes
  • review the past
  • create order
  • draw the balance

With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support : )

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