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With today's daily energy on October 04th, 2022, the October energies, which have already started very strongly, are being continued and we are therefore still experiencing the quality of the month of order. In this context, the second month of autumn also completely initiates the cycle change, i.e. we can fully experience the magical change within nature. The days have now become significantly shorter and it is getting dark noticeably earlier, the temperatures have continued to drop, mushrooms are appearing in the forests and the leaves on the trees have largely turned golden.

Solar storms in magical autumn

daily energyWith this cycle change, we are immersed in the special autumn magic, which will now unfold more and more strongly in October and can lead us deep into our own self-reflection. As already mentioned, October represents the month of order. Accordingly, many circumstances on our part would like to gain structure and solidity. Fittingly, October is also a Libra month (the sun only moves into Scorpio towards the end of the month). The sun illuminates the Libra quality and in this regard wants to transport balance, harmony and harmony into our relationship with ourselves and consequently into our relationship with the outside world. The mystical energy quality of October can also be very useful to us in general, because the days that get darker earlier, in combination with the generally cooler temperature, leads us into retreat, i.e. into the depths of our inner being. The whole thing is also fueled by the strong solar winds that are currently reaching us. In this regard, there have also been strong anomalies in the past few weeks and days. Of course, our own frequency has been increasing for some time, which also increases the frequency of the collective spirit and the earth, because we are inseparably connected to the collective spirit and the earth or we are both (everything takes place within our field, in our mind - the space in which everything thrives and becomes manifest). Nevertheless, the whole thing is massively boosted in interaction with the sun. The sun gives us clarity about how deeply the overarching awakening process is taking place, or rather it gives us impulses and informs us of phases in which deep levels are broken through. From October 02nd to 03rd there were over 30 solar flares. This is exactly how people keep talking about the solar winds that are currently reaching us. And along with this, the measuring instruments at the Russian space monitoring station also recorded major failures in September, i.e. temporary changes within the earth's magnetic field were also recorded. There are a lot of signs that we will be in for a very formative autumn and winter in terms of energy.

Strong anomalies

Strong anomaliesAnd if we look at the global situation, we can also see that humanity or the collective is being made aware of upcoming major changes and situations. The matrix or the old programs within ourselves (and the world) are coming to an end and we are therefore at the end of a very long period of gravity. Well then, otherwise it should be said that on October 02nd Mercury became direct again, which has a positive influence on our communicative and active aspects. In general, at least 6 planets were retrograde up to this day, which brought with it a greatly slowing down or rather decelerating and checking energy quality. However, this will change within this month and especially in the coming months, which will result in a further significant acceleration. However, I will only cover when the planets will turn direct again and further information about the current solar storms in the upcoming daily energy articles. Finally, or to end the general overview of October, I can say that we will have another 11 portal days from October 20th to 10th. So we are once again facing a very transcendent phase in this regard. Until then, we can first enjoy today's energies of the fourth day of October. In this context it should also be said that the moon will change to the zodiac sign Aquarius at 12:21 p.m. and will therefore give us an extremely liberating and freedom-loving energy quality. Typically for Aquarius, our own independence will be in the foreground. The element air wants us to go to heaven (elevate to high states of consciousness) raise. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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