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The daily energy of today stands for a revision of our own ways of thinking and acting, for the reprogramming of our own subconscious, for the integration of new aspects of life. For this reason, today is also accompanied by change and can lead to us humans legitimizing changes in our own mind again. In this context, change is also an important part of life and should therefore always be experienced and accepted. Rigidity or rather staying in rigid life patterns is what concerns this  only in the way of the development of a harmonious state of consciousness and subsequently denies us the creation of a positively aligned mind.

Revision of own ways of thinking and acting

waxing phase of the moon - growth - changeFor this reason, today's daily energy can help us to break out of our own blocking life patterns, can support us in eliminating our own interference fields. As I have often mentioned in my texts, this process is an inevitable consequence of the current increase in vibrational frequency on our planet, a process that firstly leads to us humans adapting our own vibrational frequency to that of the earth and secondly, as a result, we have less and less room for the development of own shadow shares is offered. In the long term, this process even strengthens our own mental connection, which in turn leads to the development of our own 5-dimensional parts. Residing in the 5th dimension, or rather in a 5th dimensional state of consciousness, is something that will be an integral part of the collective state of consciousness in the near future. Here one also likes to speak of a high-vibrating state of consciousness, a consciousness in which positive instead of destructive thoughts find their place (3D mind → EGO → materially oriented → destructive thoughts/emotions). For this reason, today's energetic circumstance can help us to work on the development of our own 5-dimensional/high-vibrational state of consciousness. At the same time, the increasing phase of the moon also has a very supportive effect here. So increasing phases of the moon always stand for development, growth, absorption and above all change.

Each phase of the moon brings its individual energetic potential with it. Waxing phases of the moon always support us in our own growth, in absorbing new information and above all in initiating important changes..!!

Everything that was decided in this context on new moons can be developed or manifested in particular in the waxing phase of the moon. Well then, ultimately for this reason it is also highly recommended today to deal with your own destructive ways of thinking and acting. Therefore, harness the potential of today's energetic circumstance and initiate a shift in your own subconscious. Since the current phase has a very supportive effect on the manifestation of our own high-vibrational projects anyway, we should definitely join them. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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