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Today's daily energy on June 03, 2021 continues to lead us into the influences of the first summer month, i.e. the month of femininity, supporting us with warmer temperatures and a general quality of blossoming and surrender to one's own sensitivity. In the end, we just experienced the end of the spring months and are now getting more and more energetic into the summer phase, i.e. circumstances of abundance, many healing energies (not only through the sun, which incidentally radiates pure healing/light and should be absorbed by us instead of avoided) and above all strong frequencies, which activate our hearts more and more, will now be used more and more.

Femininity Month

femininity June in particular can lead us even more into our own fertility and vitality. The warm temperatures, along with the radiance of the sun, do the rest and lighten our mind/body/soul system. Especially in the current time, when more and more people are waking up, but on the other hand many people have decided to rob their fertility/dark side ("Injection"), we will perceive even more holiness and also our inner light, how far we have come and above all how much we are already turned to the divine. The phase is totally designed for that, as I've touched on several times, we're all just getting into the frequency field of the New Earth (5D) is catapulted in and whoever evades this stays in the dark and cannot/do not want to complete the ascent (avoids the light), who will now experience this in the hardest way, because now we are flooded with the high light on a gigantic scale and it really wants to end everything dark in us and consequently on the planet. The old is crumbling and this summer, the second summer of the golden decade, we will see it stronger than ever. In exactly the same way, we will also be able to perceive the abundance aspects of these months more than ever. The more we awaken and align our mind/body/spirit system, the more we resonate with the core energy of natural rhythms. And summer goes hand in hand with maximum abundance, fertility and especially in June with the energy of femininity.

Beginning with sun & strong thunderstorms

Beginning with sun & strong thunderstormsFor this reason, it was also extremely beneficial that after the extremely stormy and rainy May, June was already accompanied by high-temperature and sunny days, what a blessing that was. I gave myself completely to the sun and in this way charged myself with this natural high energy. Well, from today onwards there will be another small but intense cut in this weather pattern, because strong thunderstorms and "storms" are on their way to us (or they reach large parts of our "countries"). An extremely electrifying and energetically explosive weekend is therefore ahead of us and the sky will be massively discharged in many regions. Special natural spectacles and valuable days in terms of frequency are therefore now ahead of us. Well then, to come back to today, apart from all these influences, we continue to experience the influences of the waning moon, which in turn changes from the zodiac sign Pisces to the zodiac sign Aries at 20:03 p.m. and is thus related to the moon initiates the new beginning of the signs of the zodiac. Not long now and then the first summer new moon will reach us, accompanied by an annular solar eclipse, a day that will thus conclude the current phase between moon and solar eclipse. It therefore remains very exciting. But until then, we can continue to devote ourselves to today's energies, which are also inspired by the Corpus Christi festival. The 'Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ', which on the one hand also stands for the permanent presence of Christ consciousness, shows us a special picture on an energetic level, namely that we are in a phase in which we are in the highest master state, i.e the holiest state, along with a pure heart and a maximally free spirit, wants to manifest in all of us permanently. In particular, those who are deeply awakened are less and less able to escape from this state. The Christ/God energy will no longer leave our spirit, the wisdom and also the feeling around the highest has already strengthened too strongly, a true blessing. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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    Anke 6. June 2021, 13: 49

    Interested in the newsletter