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Today's daily energy on February 03rd, 2022 will be shaped on the one hand by the increasing influences of the moon, which in turn has been in the zodiac sign Pisces since yesterday (Change took place at 12:04 a.m) and accordingly gives us the influences of the water element. Appropriate now after passing through the ten-day portal day phase, accompanied by After yesterday's highly magical 2•2•2•2•2 portal day, we can now get our energies flowing and let the intensive experiences and, above all, energetically strong light impulses of the last 10 days circulate or flow in our system.

Further deep cleaning

The belief in yourselfIn keeping with the third and last month of winter, i.e. the month of cleansing, we can now, or rather until the next full moon on February 16th and especially until the next 2•2•2•2•2 day in two and a half weeks, complete our system recalibrate and in this regard examine the last dark residual programs on our part, change them in order to be able to revive the perfection of our highest self. As I said, in a month the new year will reach us or the true new year will begin with the spring equinox, accompanied by the overarching change from Saturn to Jupiter. So a new year begins under a star that stands for abundance, happiness, harmony and expansion, instead of the previous star that primarily marked the overarching illumination of our inner conflicts. A lot of unredeemed things have been flushed out of our energy system over the last 10 portal days, but this process will continue to take place in these weeks. The purifying February energies will provide a lot of clarification and will release deep-seated blockages or flush out shadows from our system. Especially in this highly transformative or better said golden year, we should enter even more strongly into our highest self and regain faith in ourselves. The process of current awakening is about the development of our holy self, accompanied by the shedding of all limitations and acquired dogmas.

The belief in yourself

The belief in yourselfWe also experience a realignment of our faith. Instead of always looking externally and believing in the conditions/circumstances of others, it is becoming increasingly important that we return to our own origins and, as a result, become able to recognize or sense our own uniqueness . We ourselves are the source of everything and can achieve great things, no, even gigantic things in creation, because we ourselves are the creation. Each of us can revive the perfect divinity within ourselves and recognize that we ourselves are absolutely valuable, powerful, creative and, above all, holy. Belief in yourself, which is due to the dark system (your own darkness) was lost (you should feel like you are small, insignificant, powerless), should eventually return. Therefore, start believing in yourself again, in your uniqueness and also in your holiness. You are the authority that can change everything. You are the source from which the entire external world arises. You are the place that creates everything. As I said, only you created this article by reviving the information you wrote down here in your field. They are words that you have allowed to come into your perception. Information that you have provided to yourself.

Heal the world

Your reality truly encompasses EVERYTHING. The external shadows in the world ultimately only reflect your own shadows, which still rule over your mind or your heart and prevent you from recognizing yourself as the Holy of Holies. It is therefore so fundamentally important that we regain faith in ourselves. Faith in God and Christ in the world and in ourselves (inside and outside = one, it has always been that way, remember), the highest developable state, the Trinity or the complete fusion in one's own spirit, which ultimately goes hand in hand with a healed/holy spirit/consciousness. And as we all know, whoever heals himself heals the world. The holier you feel, the more holiness you can pour into the collective. Therefore, now use the energies of the month of cleansing and especially the energies of today's Pisces Moon and move into the corresponding sensitive moods. The sensitive Pisces zodiac sign in particular allows us to look deeply into our own inner life and can give us deep insights into our true being. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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