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Today's daily energy on August 03rd, 2020 is mainly shaped by the influences of a POWERFUL FULL MOON in the zodiac sign AQUARIUS, which in turn becomes manifest at 18:00 p.m. and stands completely for the experience and manifestation of freedom. The focus here is not only on breaking free of self-imposed shackles, i.e. shackles through which we keep our own minds limited (Freedom & limitations ONLY arise in our minds - the alignment of our own state of consciousness is therefore ALWAYS DECISIVE) but also the change in our own self-image towards a liberated state.

Elevate your spirit

AQUARIUS FULL MOONIn this context, the view of ourselves and consequently also the view of the world is crucial for our overarching basic feelings and, above all, for the circumstances that we attract on the outside. For example, if you If you carry the belief within you that there is no progress in the world, i.e. that hardly any people are awake, that modern slavery is running its unstoppable course and that we will therefore have to lose more and more freedom, then in the end you will receive exactly that and along with it become even less free. The same is true with a limited self-image. Be it the view of being insignificant and small, of being unfree, of not being able to achieve anything, of being poor, of not being able to change anything or of not being able to create. All of these beliefs, as part of our own reality, become part of the external reality and consequently expand our experience of lack. A liberation of the world and with it a liberation of our own spirit only happens when we break our own self-imposed shackles, by changing the way we look at ourselves, aligning our ideas with high-frequency/abundance ideas and thus increasing abundance and freedom on the outside can see and experience.

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For this reason, the change in our inner attitude is MAIN CRITICAL for our further experiences. We do not attract what we desire, but rather we attract what we are. Our current state of being is reflected on the outside, increases its power and gives us exactly this expression. One could also say that the external world shows and gives us what we ourselves are.

The times of scarcity END

Into the FULLNESS But the times of scarcity, restrictions, limitation and lack of freedom are about to end. Since 2020 we have been experiencing the apocalypse (Apocalypse = unveiling, revelation, revelation) to the greatest possible extent and the ever-growing mass of people/creators is therefore giving us more and more the opportunity to internally feel the abundance and freedom that is becoming manifest, i.e. we get because of the awakening humanity, which ultimately is only an expression of ours Self represents (because we ARE EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING ARE OURSELVES) given the opportunity to restructure our beliefs, beliefs based on trust, on freedom, on wisdom and on abundance (For example: “More and more people are waking up”, “a new world is becoming SAFEly manifest”, “you yourself are the creator of everything”, “we are facing maximum abundance and freedom, it can’t be any other way”, “I am incredibly valuable ", "I am entitled to abundance and freedom", "as a creator I am everything", "I can change everything", "I change everything/influence everything", "I am now attracting maximum abundance" "I deserve abundance"). That's exactly what the more than a million people who demonstrated for freedom in Berlin the day before yesterday did (No matter how much this number was scaled down by mass media, people in Berlin experienced it first hand - which also encourages the people living there to rethink, especially if these people take note of the subsequent disinformative reporting), represented a huge mirror for all of us and thereby showed us how strongly the planetary awakening process is progressing.

Moon of freedom

Well, today's full moon is completely under the sign of freedom and will provide us with corresponding energies. The mysticism of Aquarius reaches us and, in combination with the Moon, which incidentally represents the feminine principle, will lead us into special states. We can therefore be excited. Today can hold important circumstances, lessons and paths for us, there is no doubt about it. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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