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With today's daily energy on April 03rd, 2023, the special influences of the month of April, which has meanwhile started, reach us, which in turn stands for deep change and, above all, transformation. These aspects are not only due to the fact that within April, as the second month of spring, nature continues to awaken and focus completely on thriving and growth changed, but beyond that, two major and significant aspects affect us more and more. So we will feel the effects of Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius very clearly, i.e. deep transformation, rebirth and a phase of great final exams are ahead of us.

growth and advancement

growth and advancementFor this reason, we will now be confronted with the greatest circumstances, or rather circumstances of change. It is truly about a complete unveiling of our deep core, along with overcoming all attachments and other density-based structures. Thanks to the Mars year, an extremely strong manifestation force also affects us, i.e. we can now work extremely efficiently on the manifestation of new circumstances, yes, accordingly, the creation of new circumstances is even strongly favored. In this phase we also experience an enormous acceleration, which means that our thoughts and actions change reality much faster (matter adapts even faster to our spiritual orientation). Now that the spring months are generally associated with growth and development, we can follow nature's example and embody an ascension state of our own. As I said, in April the two special constellations described above will have an even stronger effect and trigger a process of deep transformation. The entire collective will experience fundamental changes and experience how deep attachments and limitations will be released. A special time is therefore dawning. Well, in addition to this, other constellations will affect us in April, which will result in special circumstances.

Mercury moves to Taurus

First of all, Mercury, i.e. the planet of knowledge, thinking and communication, changes to Taurus. This change reaches us today at 18:27 p.m. and fundamentally ensures that a certain calmness can return within everyday thinking or that we can work with caution, perseverance, perseverance and calmness to solve certain problems. Instead of rushing things or getting bogged down in unrealistic ideas, we can be much more grounded and act from a rooted state.

Full moon in the zodiac sign Libra

Full moon in the zodiac sign LibraOn April 06th, a special full moon in the zodiac sign Libra will reach us, which in turn will continue to be opposed to the Aries sun. The Sun will form a conjunction with Chiron, whereby deep healing will be in the foreground (Chiron always stands for our inner wounds and accordingly encourages us to heal). In doing so, the sun will illuminate myriad aspects of us (internal wounds and injuries) that, for example, make us unable to move forward and trap ourselves in a slowed-down state. It will also be about the manifestation of a state in which we are absolutely balanced and carry all states together in us (instead of living in division and separation, we experience unity and completion). The zodiac sign Libra is always about ending extremes and finding our inner center. And since the moon stands for our hidden parts, many impulses from our hurt and hidden parts can reach us on this day.

Venus changes to the zodiac sign Gemini

Then, on April 11, Venus will move into Gemini again, allowing us to be much more sociable and relaxed. Venus does not stand for partnerships and romance, but also for pleasure, art, joie de vivre, enjoyment and generally for a sociable time. The situation is similar with the zodiac sign Gemini, which essentially stands for sociability and can make us extremely sociable. With this constellation, we will therefore relax strict circumstances and take life a little easier. This is exactly how friendships and entertainment can be in the foreground during this time.

New Moon in Aries

New Moon in AriesOn April 20th, a special new moon will reach us, which will also be in the zodiac sign Aries, just like the last new moon. On this day, therefore, a strong upswing energy will reach us again, through which we can truly experience an ignition of our inner fire. It will be about the manifestation of a state through which we can completely revive the new and again feel the power in us to realize ourselves or the truest version of ourselves. One could also see this day or this constellation as a second wake-up call or rather as a second deep activation, through which we ourselves are completely inflamed inside. Of course, the Taurus influences also come into play here, because the sun is still changing into the zodiac sign Taurus even on this day, but the energy of the new will be superficial overarching.

Sun moves into Taurus

Shortly after the new moon, as already described, the sun moves into Taurus on the same day. This will initiate a new phase within the annual cycle and the previously very fiery energy will gain grounding, calmness and structure. In the Sun/Taurus phase, extremely calming influences always have an effect on us, through which we could even indulge in activities of relaxation and enjoyment. On the other hand, at this stage our Taurus aspects are fully illuminated and because of this we could also be very persistent and persevering. So in Taurus we tend not to let ourselves get down. With the help of the zest for action gained from the Aries phase, we can work with perseverance on the manifestation of corresponding projects and goals. The Taurus period will therefore be perfect for directing our kindled inner fire into a material and fertile form.

Mercury goes retrograde

Exactly one day later, i.e. on April 21st, Mercury will turn retrograde for almost 3 weeks in the zodiac sign Taurus. In its retrograde phase, along with the Taurus energy, the effects can be of a decelerated nature, which can make misunderstandings and general problems or discussions bumpy, for example. Discussions do not lead to the desired results, especially if we are not anchored in our own center during this phase and do not allow ourselves to be calm. Negotiations of any kind are therefore counterproductive, which is why people like to say that we should not conclude any contracts in such a phase. Mercury retrograde is asking us to pause and withdraw on this rather than rushing circumstances. This should give us the opportunity to think about circumstances or even possible actions on our part, so that we can then move forward in a considered and well-thought-out manner at the end of this phase.

Closing words

Well, last but not least, April will definitely be a very special month in which we can continue to experience the thriving within nature and our inner thriving as well. However, the effects of the two major constellations in particular will have a greater impact and prepare us for a truly GIANT inner process of change. We have now entered a phase in which it feels like everything will change. So with that in mind, look forward to the influences. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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