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Today's daily energy on April 03rd, 2019 is, on the one hand, influenced by the general upswing energies (spring) and on the other hand continues to be influenced by the moon in the zodiac sign Pisces. On the other hand, there could still be stronger influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency affect us, because stronger anomalies also reached us yesterday.

The collective expansion

The fluctuations were mainly manifested in the early morning hours and in the morning/afternoon, which is why this period in particular could be perceived as particularly intense, in whatever way. Afterwards the energies leveled off again, which is why things became a little quieter from then on. Planetary resonance frequencyNevertheless, it should be said that strong fluctuations/impulses can still reach us, because apart from that, the current days generally carry a very special energy/magic and are highly transformative (related to our mind, strong changes in consciousness), the values ​​are simply not leveling off at the moment and it feels like things are continuing accordingly every day. Ultimately, these values ​​also fit the current situation perfectly, because the quantum leap into awakening has currently taken on completely new features (massive acceleration - more and more people are awakening and consciously finding themselves in the process of spiritual awakening). We ourselves can experience/initiate an unexpected expansion of our own spirit.

When you are inspired by a lofty purpose, by an extraordinary project, your thinking breaks free, your mind transcends boundaries, your consciousness expands in all directions, and you find yourself in a new, great, wonderful world. Dormant powers, abilities and talents are awakened and you discover that you are a far greater person than you ever dared to dream. – Patanjali..!!

The same applies to the expansion of the collective spirit, i.e. the development was extremely accelerated. In this context, we must not forget that our own spiritual development also flows into the collective, after all, the outside world represents a mirror of our own inner world (we are everything, the creators of the external and internal world). For this reason, the more we develop spiritually, the faster the collective can also experience further development. We ourselves represent everything and exert a huge influence on the entire existence. Our individual progress or prosperity is therefore largely responsible for the further development of the collective spirit. Although we like to make ourselves small in this regard, our own influence is huge and constantly present. For this reason, we should develop the limitless potential that lies within our own being. We can achieve and manifest anything - if we want and are willing to overcome our own self-created limitations. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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