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With today's daily energy on November 02nd, 2023, the influences of the second day of November reach us. In this regard, we have now entered the energy of the third and final month of autumn. November stands for letting go like no other month. The third month of autumn is also associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio, which generally means everything want to reach the surface and in this regard we are asked to let go of old structures. After all, the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Scorpio is Pluto. In this regard, Pluto always stands for dying and becoming processes. Old things want to go so that we can create space again for the birth of new living conditions and paths.

The constellations in November

The constellations in NovemberNovember also marks the transition into winter. Nature shows us the corresponding final letting go processes. The trees are losing their last leaves, the temperatures are dropping even further, it can be frosty or icy outside and nature is generally letting everything go by, preparing for the dark season. It is therefore a month in which we should let go of our last unfulfilled parts so that we can then immerse ourselves in the peace of winter without any worries. On the other hand, an independent or individual energy quality flows into November, because new constellations and cosmic changes continue to reach us this month.

Saturn becomes direct

At the beginning, Saturn will be direct again on November 04th in the zodiac sign Pisces. Even if Saturn does not reach the same level as at the beginning of its retrograde until February 7, 2024, the beginning of the direct phase will immediately bring with it its changes. So in the direct phase we will experience a strong acceleration, especially in terms of breaking out of all blocking, dogmatic and captivating systems. The Pisces star sign itself, which in turn is closely connected to the crown chakra and always wants to encourage us to live a spiritual and sensitive existence, can ensure that existing structures are changed in depth. Saturn itself, which stands for strict rules, structures and fixed principles, can particularly represent the system that is now being changed in a spiritual/higher sense. Even in our personal areas, our spiritually oriented mind could shine through completely and break through all boundaries that prevent it from fully developing.

Venus moves into the zodiac sign Libra

Venus moves into the zodiac sign LibraExactly four days later on November 08th, Venus switches to the zodiac sign Libra. Within this constellation, which harmonizes perfectly with each other - after all, Venus is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Libra - we could particularly devote ourselves to joyful circumstances. It's about our desire for harmony, beauty and, above all, balance. This connection could have an extremely positive effect on relationships, partnerships and general interpersonal relationships. This is how we want harmony and harmony to exist within the bond with our loved ones. On the other hand, we can bring a lot of balance into our relationship with ourselves during this time, because at their core, other relationships only ever reflect our relationship with ourselves. Therefore, if we heal the connection to ourselves, we heal the connection to others.

Mercury moves into the zodiac sign Sagittarius

Two days later, direct Mercury moves into the zodiac sign Sagittarius. The planet of communication, knowledge and sensory impressions in Sagittarius favors philosophical approaches, conversations and thoughts. In this way, we could express our deeper meaning in communication and work out new approaches full of optimism or even have a positive exchange. In the same way, we could be strongly focused on expansion and want to bring more good things out into the world. Overall, this constellation will promote harmonious circumstances.

New moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio

New moon in the zodiac sign ScorpioOn November 13th, a very intense new moon will reach us in the zodiac sign Scorpio. Because of this combination alone, the new moon will be accompanied by a very strong intensity, because hardly any other zodiac sign is accompanied by such concentrated and, above all, intense energy as is the case with Scorpio (For this reason, plants and co. On scorpion days there is always a significantly higher energy and nutrient density). Scorpio days can therefore be extremely intense, because the Scorpio releases what is hidden from within and wants to bring everything to the surface. The scorpion also stands for pure transformation and initiates death and creation processes (End and new beginning). This new moon will therefore bring a lot to light and will truly initiate a new circumstance or a new state of consciousness. And because the new moon is in close conjunction with Mars and in opposition to Uranus, it brings with it extremely stormy potential. Transformation will therefore come first.

Sun moves into the zodiac sign Sagittarius

The monthly sun change takes place on November 22nd. The sun changes to the zodiac sign Sagittarius, ushering in a new quality of energy. The sun itself, which in turn represents our essence or our true character, will from then on give us a quality of energy that will not only strongly appeal to our inner fire (a strong recovery can be present in us), but we can also experience an insightful circumstance. The Sagittarius energy is always accompanied by strong self-knowledge and the search for oneself, or rather self-discovery processes. For this reason, from then on we will feel a double energy impacting us. On the one hand, there is a strength in the foreground through which we can move forward strongly and perceive a strong urge for action within us. On the other hand, the sun in the zodiac sign Sagittarius can make us reorient ourselves. We reflect on our current existence and delve deeply into our inner world. After all, the beginning of the phase up to the coming winter solstice in December always marks a phase of withdrawal and deep contemplation. The days are getting shorter and we are finding our way back to ourselves.

Mars moves into the zodiac sign Sagittarius

Mars moves into the zodiac sign SagittariusExactly two days later, i.e. on November 24th, direct Mars will also move from the zodiac sign Scorpio to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Through this connection we could feel a strong urge for action within us. Mars is always associated with an extremely forward-driving and implementing energy quality. We want to implement things, ignite our inner fire and also live out our warrior energy. This energy works particularly well in Sagittarius and can strongly drive our inner activity forward. The double fire energy can truly allow us to take a big step forward and accelerate manifestation processes.

Full moon in Gemini zodiac sign

Last but not least, a full moon will reach us on November 27th in the zodiac sign Gemini. A full moon itself is always accompanied by a certain energy of completion, abundance and strong effectiveness. Nature always has the highest energy density during a full moon phase, in contrast to other phases of the month. The twin full moon itself, which can also be referred to as the cold or snow moon (due to its proximity to the upcoming winter solstice – Yule), will in turn ask us to allow lightness to flow into our minds and also into our everyday lives. The air sign stimulates our intellectual and sociable side, promotes good communication and the planning or implementation of ideas, which in turn are very important to us. Because of the opposite Sagittarius Sun, hidden truths could also be expressed in exactly the same way. We want to express our inner truths and reveal deep aspects of our being instead of keeping them hidden. The Gemini full moon will therefore charge us very strongly and give us the impetus to realize ourselves in this respect. At the end of the day, this full moon will also close November and take us fully into the first month of winter. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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