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Today's daily energy on May 2nd, 2019 is still characterized by the pushing and, above all, inspiring basic energetic quality and therefore leads us even deeper into our own self-realization. As is often the case in some daily energy articles This aspect is more important than ever and the May energies give us additional impulses to realize all of our own dreams.

Make all of our dreams come true

Make all of our dreams come trueThe focus here is particularly on the realization of our true nature, because low-frequency or dull times, which in turn were shaped by a weak and, above all, ignorant collective spirit (Lack of knowledge about one's own source/self - lack of abundance, lack of connection to nature), are about to end completely and humanity is therefore going through a phase that is slowly but surely leading to a mass awakening. The luminous spectrum, which has always existed in the background and is now being accepted/manifested by more and more people/creators, leads to an extreme acceleration. For this reason, the fifth dimension is becoming more and more anchored and we are being asked more than ever to create a state of consciousness ourselves, which in turn is based on 5D or on the highest feelings imaginable (complete ecstasy/love/abundance/divinity). Today's daily energy, which is shaped by the beginnings of May, ties in seamlessly with the current basic mood and calls on us more than ever to let go of old patterns in order to be able to return to our self-realization. As I said, the transition to maximum fullness (Summer – June/July/August) is happening and we should definitely join in. The energies of this year are extremely strong than ever before and we should definitely not let this potential go to waste, quite the opposite! Well then, otherwise I would like to point out again that today is a portal day, meaning we can perceive everything much more intensively, just as the beginning of May influences are once again greatly intensified. Planetary resonance frequencyThere is therefore additional incredible power today. A lot of things can be released within us, just as we can change a lot within ourselves. Light floods our systems and a new, high-frequency version of ourselves wants to become manifest. So let’s join in with the energies. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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