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Today's daily energy on February 02nd, 2020 is mainly characterized by a very special energy quality and is all about collective ascension, i.e. about a profound awakening. For that matter, this climb is also through the special Numerology visible within our date because February 02, 2020 is made up of four twos (which together add up to eight, – the number of infinity |∞|).

Powerful ascension energy

Powerful ascension energyToday's date, or rather today, is therefore associated with a top-class event and marks an extremely important interface between the old and the new, between 3D and 5D (Today's date or day goes hand in hand with the so-called Palidrome Portal and gives us an unbelievable energy/magic). After all, it is about the collective and consequently our inner ascent (as within, so without - The collective that we ourselves represent - as we ourselves are all on the outside - as nothing exists outside of us, but merely within us - everything was manifested/created ONLY by a self, only then can it ascend , when we ascend ourselves - the potential for this is deeply rooted in one's own creative spirit). And ascension means living through, maintaining and rooting in a high-frequency/light-filled state of consciousness. We expand our mind into a light-filled dimension (a dimension/state of consciousness characterized by an extremely high self-image).

Every idea that you mentally enter into, every state you experience, every place you visit, i.e. every circumstance that you have let move into your perception - in the direction of which you have let your mind expand, represents represents its own world, its own dimension, its own universe, its own frequency state and its own sphere/world, which in turn, as an aspect of one's own creation, can be lived through and experienced. We visit shadowy and bright worlds every day. Within our spiritual ascent, however, we begin to surrender to high-frequency realities more and more often, a circumstance that is particularly intensified on today, the 2222nd day..!!

And this expansion into luminous states, in which we fully realize ourselves and no longer allow ourselves to be dominated by shadows, will experience an enormous push today. As I said, in the current days everything revolves around our own self-realization and above all the associated permanent manifestation of our highest spirit of God. Days like today serve our own self-realization to a very high degree.

Palidrome Portal Information

An incredible amount is done in the background and the existing pseudo system (our created system - we are everything - only through becoming aware of our own self, through the manifestation of a state full of light, can the system change - which is why this is currently happening at an incredible speed, simply because our personal awakening has progressed so quickly is) is becoming more and more unstable. Today's Palidrome portal will continue to affect this and serves to accelerate this process. Well, in keeping with today's event, I would also like to quote passages from two sides:

No. 1: stankovuniversallaw.com

“Especially for the past five days we have had a steady and very strong buildup, almost an energetic tsunami, towards the palindrome portal 02022020. This is a unique date, the next is more than 1000 years in the future – 03033030. Obviously the HR something big in store for humanity when this portal opens.”

No. 2: love-the-whole.blogspot.com

“2020 is the '22' year of the builder and alchemist. It is the year when humanity officially enters the Age of Aquarius, with the significant Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at the Aquarius Solstice. The whole year leads to this mighty gateway of the solstice into a new era. Expect the self-destructive systems of narcissism and greed—including outdated institutions, corporations, and religions—to continue to collapse. A concentrated struggle ensues to imprison the populace in an unjust system. As the master alchemists that we are, let's make 2020 the year we can break out of our shell and establish a lifestyle of authentic integrity and empowerment. The angel number sequence 222 encourages us to commit to our divine purpose in life and our mission. The angels guide us to stand strong in our divine soul truth. On February 2nd, 2020 we are blessed with the intended 222 focus - the symbol of the High Priestess and higher aspirations. We are the light bearers, the alchemists and the keepers of peace! Let's step into the magical 222 gate and spread love, harmony and forgiveness in the collective realm.”

So let's welcome today's 2222 event and pay even more careful attention than usual to all the signs that come our way every day. An unbelievable number of impulses will reach us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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    • Agra, 4. February 2020, 7: 26

      We sense what is going on around us in an excellent and sensitive way and we now have to follow the path

    Agra, 4. February 2020, 7: 26

    We sense what is going on around us in an excellent and sensitive way and we now have to follow the path