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Today's daily energy on December 02nd, 2018 is mainly shaped by the moon in the zodiac sign Libra, which is why we can experience a daily circumstance in which we have an inner desire for harmony and partnership (or harmonious partnerships and interpersonal bonds) might feel within us. On the other hand, we could also take more action, especially since the current time is predestined for this.

Moon in the zodiac sign Libra

Moon in the zodiac sign LibraIn other words, due to the current energy quality, we can use our own creative power more consciously and also work much more specifically on the manifestation of a state of consciousness, which in turn is characterized by harmony and balance. We dissolve old structures and therefore bring our own heart's desires/mental intentions into harmony with our actions. For this reason, it is a special process that, as mentioned in the December article the day before yesterday, is becoming more and more present in the current days/weeks. Now, to come back to the moon in the zodiac sign Libra, as already mentioned, it represents an intensified one Desire for harmony, love, partnership and above all for harmonious bonds and interpersonal relationships. On the other hand, this could also make us very receptive to other people's feelings, i.e. we are in this respect (possibly) more sensitive and have more developed empathic abilities, at least that would be the case if we resonate with the fulfilled influences of the Libra Moon. Otherwise it should be said that the influences of a “Libra Moon” can trigger a certain tendency towards self-discipline in us. Other possible influences and properties would be the following:

“People with Moon in Libra sense exactly what others are thinking and feeling and needing about them. But they need a lot of harmony in all relationships, especially close ones, otherwise their emotional health suffers. In general, it is rather difficult for them to act spontaneously, because to a certain extent they always have to follow protocol and within conventions, which often makes them seem a bit fake, even though they are really friendly towards everyone. They are aesthetic and have artistic talent. Their need for contact and exchange is real and they only feel whole when they are in a relationship.

The full Moon in Libra is lively and expresses his feelings freely. He can understand the emotional state of others well and is receptive to the feelings of others, because these also enliven him. It is therefore communicative and binding. He is charming and sociable, has a real esthete to offer and actually just wants to please everyone with his pleasant manner. He dresses elegantly and tastefully and knows how to get compliments. Most people with Moon in Libra have a good reputation.” – (Source: astroschmid.ch)

Ultimately, we can be curious to see how we will experience today. Everything still feels possible and within a few moments we can immerse ourselves in completely new states of consciousness. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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