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daily energy

The relatively refreshing, but sometimes also quite mixed and changeable month of October is over. Now the month of November reaches us instead (Cosmic influences in November) and at the beginning of this month, we humans directly experience a strong energetic increase. This is how strong cosmic impulses reach us, which definitely has a greater influence on today's daily energetic circumstances.

daily energy

Source: http://www.praxis-umeria.de/kosmischer-wetterbericht-der-liebe.html

Strong cosmic impulses

Strong cosmic impulsesSo these high cosmic influences are also a good sign and also make it clear to us what a high-energy phase we are in. As far as this is concerned, we have been experiencing daily increases for weeks, and even after the end of the portal day series there was no sign of the energetic influences leveling off, a circumstance that only occurs relatively rarely. Ultimately, all events on all levels of existence come to a head and as a result we humans are once again subject to a purification process of extreme proportions. Every day it becomes more important that we change our own diet (natural/alkaline diet), that we give up our own sustainable habits and, above all, that we free ourselves from stressful dependencies. Otherwise, we will spend a long time staying at a high frequency and will feel an increasing intolerance towards a negatively oriented mental spectrum (due to the current quantum leap into awakening, negative thoughts and emotions are becoming more and more stressful - the same of course also applies to negative/energetically dense ones Groceries). For this reason, today's energetic beginning of the month is also perfect for a connection to this mental and physical cleansing process.

Due to the newly begun Age of Aquarius and the associated permanent increases in vibration, we humans are simply becoming much more sensitive, sensitive and, as a result, more sensitive to dense energetic influences..!! 

We should therefore join this comprehensive cleansing process so that we can then fully regain the power of our self-healing and also the power of our self-love. Ultimately, this not only has a healing effect on our own existence, but it also has a very positive effect on the collective state of consciousness (all our thoughts and emotions flow into the collective state of consciousness and change it - everything is one and one is everything - We are connected to everything).

Star constellation influences

Star constellation influencesWell, otherwise the moon will change to the zodiac sign Aries for two and a half days today, which in this context also stands for strong energies. These strong energies are particularly suitable for finally getting annoying work done - i.e. this refers to unpleasant activities that we may have been putting off for months. On the other hand, the Aries Moon can also transform us into a real bundle of energy and can also strengthen confidence in our own abilities. For this reason, we can now tackle new projects with enthusiasm and also have great assertiveness. Apart from that, we could also be very impulsive today and may tend to run over others. Since other people are under the same moon influence, serious friction or even other conflicts could arise. For this reason, we should definitely legitimize a certain willingness to compromise in our own minds today. Otherwise, we are also experiencing an opposition today (an opposition refers to 2 celestial bodies, which in turn form an angle of 180 degrees to each other in the sky||Quality= tension aspect) from the moon to Mars, which could excite us in the evening, i.e. we tend to lean In addition to being more impulsive, they are a little more agitated, more argumentative and possibly also more hasty.

Due to today's very energetic impulses, we should definitely exhaust ourselves mentally and physically again. On the one hand, sporting activity, or even just working through annoying tasks as well as implementing or even starting new projects would be highly recommended..!!  

On the other hand, there could also be serious disagreements with the opposite sex, although this does not necessarily have to happen. The Aries Moon also tends to cause real emotional storms and can make us significantly more impulsive than usual. Nevertheless, we should also be aware that these emotional storms and, above all, this impulsiveness do not necessarily have to occur. In this context, everything always depends on the orientation of our own mind and our own emotional and mental state is also largely responsible for the extent to which or how strongly we react to certain star constellations. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

Sternkonstellation Quelle: https://alpenschau.com/2017/11/01/mondkraft-heute-01-november-2017-starke-energie/

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