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Today's daily energy on May 01st, 2024 will usher in the third and last month of spring. This brings us to the month of fertility, love and especially blossoming. Nature completely awakens from its deep sleep, flowers of various plants appear and gradually some berries even begin to form. May, at least as far as the name is concerned, can be traced back to the goddess Maia, which is closely linked to the fertility goddess “Bona Dea”. And fittingly, May always coincides with the first moon festival of the year (Beltane) initiated (based on the true annual calendar – March 21st). It should be said that Beltane, as a moon festival, takes place on the full moon. Nevertheless, since many people today carry the spirit of Beltane within themselves and recall it internally, the energy that comes with it is manifest across the board.

The celebration of new beginnings

daily energy

For that matter, Beltane is also celebrated from the last day of April to the first of May. On the night of May 1st, large cleansing fires were lit, through which dark energies, spirits and fundamentally stressful vibrations were supposed to be driven away, or rather purified. In exactly the same way, these two days in particular represent the festival of the great marriage (the holy wedding), in which the union of male and female energies is in the foreground (all things have the female behind them and the male in front of them. When male and female combine , all things attain harmony). One honors the sacred fusion and, above all, the fertility that comes with it. In view of this, today also represents the unification of our inner female and male parts. It is a highly magical day that takes us into a terrible and, above all, growth-filled time of year. In keeping with this, I would also like to quote an older passage in which the special nature of Beltane was highlighted:

“Winter will now go and the earth will get warmer again. With May, spring comes across the country and for the Celts, who celebrated the Beltane lunar festival at the same time, it was even the beginning of summer. For other peoples the beginning of the year. The Celtic annual festival of Beltane is one of the four moon festivals.”

On Walpurgis Night, Walpurgis was remembered, a protector of crops who, according to official history, spread Christianity in the Middle Ages and was/is considered a saint. The day after, i.e. the first of May, served again to drive away the dark:

“Large fires have always been lit on this night, the May Fires. These May bonfires drive away all evil, including the cold days. When these fires burn down late at night, lovers jump over the glowing coals. In general, these fires are intended to make people, livestock and food healthy and fruitful.”

Marry yourself

daily energy Well, ultimately May begins with an extremely meaningful and, above all, energetically valuable festival. It is the beginning of a very special month, which subsequently leads us into the months of temperatures and sunshine and paves the way towards abundance. In the coming weeks, our focus will be on self-love and, above all, the manifestation of a more full-bodied state. After all, there is hardly a month in which as many weddings take place as is the case in May. Loving ourselves, marrying, living out the best version of ourselves and seeing ourselves as complete is ultimately the key to healing not only ourselves, but also the world. Let us therefore welcome the Beltane energies and join in with the energy of the first lunar festival. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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