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Today's daily energy on May 01st, 2022 will mainly usher in the third and therefore last spring month of May. This brings us to the month of fertility, love, blossoming and, above all, the month of marriage. Nature begins to bloom to its fullest, flowers and blossoms appear in their full splendor and in some cases even berries slowly but surely begin to form. The name Mai also refers to the goddess Maia which is closely connected or corresponds to the fertility goddess “Bona Dea”. Well, the high spring month is always appropriately introduced with the Beltane Festival.

The festival of the great wedding

The festival of the great weddingJust like yesterday Daily energy article As mentioned, Beltane was and is essentially celebrated from the last day of April to the first of May (the days before and after were also assigned to this and used ritually). That night, large cleansing fires were lit with which people wanted to drive away, or rather cleanse, dark energies, ghosts and generally stressful vibrations. In exactly the same way, these two days in particular were considered the festival of the great marriage or the festival of the holy wedding, in which the focus was on the union of male and female energies. The sacred fusion and, above all, the fertility that accompanied it were honored. For this reason, today also represents the fusion of our inner female and male parts. In this context, everyone has both parts within themselves. As a rule, one energy quality is present in excess, while the other is used significantly less, which essentially leads to a lack of inner balance or even represents a lack of inner balance. I would also like to quote Lao Tzu at this point:

“All things have the feminine behind them and the masculine in front of them. When male and female combine, all things achieve harmony.”

Ultimately, it's like everything in life. At the core, wholeness, perfection and the unification of all dualitarian structures prevail. However, whether male and female, light and shadow or even inside and outside, we always tend to follow one of the poles or even see the world in separation, while ignoring that everything is one and above all that we are Not only are we connected to everything, but everything also exists within us. There are always two sides of the same coin. And no matter how different these sides may be, they both represent the whole or, in this example, the entire coin.

The May energies

The May energiesWell, ultimately May is always started with an extremely meaningful and, above all, energetically valuable celebration. It is the beginning of a very special month, which subsequently leads us into the warmer or more sunny months, paving the way to maximum abundance. In the coming weeks, the focus will be on our self-love and, above all, the manifestation of a fuller, more pregnant inner state. In this context, there is hardly a month in which as many weddings take place as, for example, in May. Loving ourselves and, above all, getting married, living out the best version of ourselves and feeling complete, these aspects will now be increasingly in the foreground. Ultimately, we should definitely pursue this energy quality. In this regard, there is hardly a stronger means of healing the world than by beginning to heal and, above all, love ourselves, because our inner state always transfers to the outer world and also reaches the entire collective mind (we are connected to everything). And since things are currently very stormy in the world and the global situation in particular is becoming more and more serious and we even need to be prepared for precarious circumstances (artificially created inflation as a sign – hyperinflation – economic collapse), it is more important than ever that we begin to heal ourselves and therefore the world. So let's celebrate today's Beltane Festival and immerse ourselves in maximum lightness. Everything wants to be renewed. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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