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Today's daily energy on March 01st, 2019 is mainly characterized by a stormy transition, because yesterday, i.e. the last day of February, was accompanied by strong solar influences. March is therefore characterized by this strong energy quality and for this reason brings us a stormy and turbulent (does not have to be disharmonious in nature) first day. The new month therefore already holds incredible potential for us and we can only imagine how special, magical and consequently consciousness-changing the coming days and weeks will be.

Impulses from the sun

daily energyIn this context, in recent years, which have been marked by upheaval and transformation, we have repeatedly received stronger impulses from the sun. Corresponding days could be perceived as particularly insightful, reorienting and, above all, spiritually changing. Strong emotional fluctuations or even the experience of completely new states of consciousness (Immerse yourself in new dimensions/states) was then in no way a rarity (similar to what is the case with portal days). Ultimately, it should also be said at this point that the sun itself as a living organism (everything lives, everything has a spirit, even planets or even universes), apart from their own charisma, always sends stronger impulses. As a result, the earth's magnetic field is weakened. Anomalies occur and the collective state of consciousness is then very receptive to new stimuli, impulses and, above all, cosmic inflows (depending on the intensity of the geomagnetic anomaly). In themselves, these are days that are not only important for our civilization (Process of awakening – quantum leap into awakening), but can also be of great importance for our own mental and emotional well-being.

The real essence of human nature is goodness. There are other qualities that come from education, knowledge, but if one wants to become truly a human being and give meaning to one's existence, then it is essential to have a good heart. – Dalai Lama..!!

Well, and in keeping with the current extremely stormy times, we received a correspondingly strong solar pulse yesterday (as can be seen in the picture above - source: noaa.gov – You can find further information regarding daily sun influences here). The solar winds were sent to us the day before yesterday and then fully manifested themselves yesterday. February ended with strong impulses and today, i.e. the beginning of March, goes hand in hand with this previous strong energy. It is therefore definitely special and therefore announces the beginning of a month that will certainly bring us some special impulses. It therefore remains “exciting” and a worsening of events, accompanied by collective growth and prosperity (groundbreaking days - everything is all about our becoming whole - transition into 5D becoming ever stronger), is happening more and more. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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