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Today's daily energy on July 01st, 2020 is mainly influenced by the beginning of July and is giving us a new energy quality (Each month is accompanied by a different frequency - in the current age of awakening, the individual frequency of the individual months is felt even more strongly). On the other hand, new lunar influences also reach us. For example, July begins with the influence of the Scorpio Moon (Change took place on June 30th at 00:48), whereby its influence will fundamentally shape the month and affect us accordingly (a zodiac sign that is also said to have very strong energy - self-conquest - impulsiveness - emotionality).

Maximum fullness

MAXIMUM FULLNESSOtherwise, July will be a month through and through in which a lot of things will become clear for us and we will be able to experience a lot of harmony and abundance in this regard. As I said, we only experience fullness in this context when we can feel fullness in our innermost being - then when we achieve inner harmony, because harmony is fullness/fulfillment and vice versa (Completion – Perfection – The Maximum – Divinity). The more we resolve unfulfilled ideas and patterns within ourselves, the more we bring ourselves into balance and bring to life a reality that is accompanied by fulfillment (Conflicts and co. - Aspects of our mind that are still permeated by lower ambitions/actions/beliefs/beliefs - States in which we are not acting from our God Consciousness - The knowledge that one is the creator of all things - everything is JUST a projection of your own creative spirit on the outside - EVERYTHING only takes place within you - EVERYTHING is created by yourself - YOU CREATE this article yourself, you let it come into your perception, you thereby let it become manifest/created - otherwise it would be non-existent for you and that is ALWAYS the crux of the matter - everything arises from within you and is formed in the outer world - that's how it has always been and that's how it always will be - SO ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - RECOGNIZE THE COMPLETE UNIQUENESS IN YOU - BECAUSE YOU ARE THE CREATOR/THE SOURCE/THE ORIGIN). And these days our own self-realization and the associated creation of a fulfilled mental state are more important than ever.


Extremely many things come into harmony and very special blessings come to us. In general, July is associated with abundance, ripeness and incredible magic. In particular, the abundance is visible in all corners. The temperatures are consistently high (at least usually – strong sunlight/light exposure), berries and fruits ripen and the splendor of nature's colors and the liveliness within the animal world have reached an unexpectedly high level. The harvest of our own seeds takes place (Especially in the summer months we experience the effects of many self-created causes). Strong planetary resonance frequency influences, a full moon on July 05th and countless portal days (from the 13th to the 22nd even 10 portal days in a row) will also massively increase this magic. Well, in keeping with July, I would also like the following section from the site Herzvertraun.de quote:

“July heralds the second half of the year and summer is picking up speed. Considered numerologically (according to the Hebrew alphabet), July has the numerical value 38. The number 38 is first of all an active and dynamic number. Everything urges development. Here, too, nature is our role model. Nature is in top form... everything is full of power and therefore in full bloom; the grain ripens, water lilies open their beautiful blossoms. You show what you have to offer. For us, too, it is a month that has a positive effect on further development in terms of energies, but at the same time - due to summery temperatures - calls for peace and comfort. This is about a harmonious interplay of activity and passivity/breaks. Enjoy what has grown and matured thus far.”

Well, ultimately July will provide us with extremely powerful potential and will greatly benefit our own self-realization, along with the creation of more harmony and self-love. We have an extremely transformative, but also clarifying and trend-setting month ahead of us. The overarching change will grip the collective spirit even more. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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    • Isabella Valenta 2. July 2020, 14: 13

      Wonderful, I'm very grateful for the information. LG.

    Isabella Valenta 2. July 2020, 14: 13

    Wonderful, I'm very grateful for the information. LG.