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Today's daily energy on February 01st, 2022 is accompanied by various very powerful influences. On the one hand, early in the morning at 06:49 a.m., a truly special new moon reached us in the zodiac sign Aquarius, through which we are asked to shed all of our self-imposed limitations, i.e., in the spirit of the air sign, we should raise ourselves up and accordingly spiritually into the sky rise, instead of continuing to bind ourselves to matter, or rather to heavy energies. On the other hand, the new moon energy generally favors alignment with new states.

The month of purification

The month of purificationIn keeping with the first day of the new month, everything generally wants to be aligned with the new world or with new circumstances and conditions. Ultimately, this constellation also shows us the general energy of February. So this month will be very much about liberation from self-imposed vicious circles, especially about circumstances through which we continue to bind ourselves to old disharmonious patterns, i.e. patterns through which we keep our own mind limited and we accordingly prevent ourselves from changing ours to bathe spirit in fullness, holiness and divinity. Ultimately, this is an extremely strong constellation for the first day of the month. And what's more, this extremely powerful new moon day also begins with a portal day or the ninth portal day of a ten-day series. We are therefore already being prepared for an energetically very cleansing month, a month full of change and transformation. As the third and last month of winter, February is generally accompanied by a strong energy of cleansing and is even considered the month of cleansing. So you find yourself in the last dark period before nature completely adjusts to growth, activity, light and blossoming again. February is therefore perfect for finally energetically cleaning your own premises. The same applies to legacy problems and unresolved inner conflicts, which can be cleared up in February and then left behind, shortly before the month of new beginnings (March) comes into force together with the coming spring equinox or astrological new year.

The last month of winter

The last month of winterUltimately, we should use the energies of the last month of winter for ourselves and really think about what we want in life and what we are doing to stop ourselves from realizing our dreams every day. We can reflect completely on ourselves and let everything flow into our daily consciousness so that we can then enter the new cycle of the year with ease and freedom, as it should essentially be the case, i.e. adapt universal laws, in this case especially the law of rhythm and vibration, which on the one hand states that everything in existence always moves in different rhythms and cycles, be it large or small, internal or external.

Adaptation to large cycles

And nature always shows us this cyclical circumstance perfectly and nature always offers us the special opportunity for us to adapt to its cycles. In this context, the more we find our way back to our sacred self, the more we automatically adapt to the cycles of nature and therefore often experience circumstances that coincide with the current energy of the current annual cycle. Well then, we are now experiencing the special energies of today's first day of February, which in turn are greatly intensified by a special new moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius and also by the ninth portal day of the ten-day phase. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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