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With today's daily energy on November 01st, 2023, on the one hand, we are reaching the Samhain energies that continue to affect us, with which the transition into the cooler winter months was initiated. On the other hand, the influences of the Feast of All Saints or also known as the Feast of All Souls reach us. In this context, All Saints Day is also a day of remembrance on which all saints and departed souls are remembered. Furthermore, it should be remembered that life is neither finite nor limited, but rather contains eternity and can go beyond all physical deaths (regardless of manifest physical immortality). This day is fundamentally special Frequency quality in itself, mainly because the frequency of the term “All Saints Day” shapes the day. In this context, I have often mentioned that there is a special energy quality behind Christian festivals in particular (when you look behind their oppressive structures).

All Saints Energy

daily energy

If you look at early Christianity, you can see that its core, as is the case with most cultures and religions, is permeated with truthful and, above all, ascending information. Because deep down, it's all about the return and, above all, resurrection of Christ or the Christ consciousness within our own spirit. It is man himself who rises from density into light and in the process loosens all of his self-imposed shackles. The mentally three-dimensionally oriented person who hardly has any resonance to his lightbody owns (merkabah), is mentally completely tied to the system and maintains itself through limiting beliefs, dependency, harmful habits and a generally limited mind (energetically difficult conditions throughout) caught in an overarching limitation. Nevertheless, the potential to rise to the highest spheres of being lies dormant within him. This means the transformation or transformation of a purely human/material spirit into a divine/holy spirit. Ultimately, this represents an overarching process in today's world, as human civilization is in the process of ascending into a divine civilization. We can all do this through the illumination and ascension of our own spirit, along with a fully open heart, a pure mind, body, soul system and complete independence (free from all limiting system entanglements and thoughts), to revive a holy and miraculous state. At the end of the day, this is what we're talking about Most Holy State, i.e. a state of being in which we see the most sacred/valuable thing in ourselves and consequently in the world (the collective) recognize. And today, in this regard, completely carries the vibration of the Most Holy State, because millions of people carry in their minds the information of “it is All Saints Day”.

The November energies

daily energyFor this reason, from a purely energetic point of view, today can allow us to tune into this frequency and give us our highest spirit that can be revived (that highest self-image) can be sensed or even pointed out. As I said, each of us has the potential within us to bring to life a reality in which peace, calm, harmony, abundance and above all, as crazy as it may sound, complete global harmony prevails. After all, the reality in which complete harmony prevails in the world already exists and is embedded in our own field. Therefore, the more we tune into the frequency of this reality, the more matter adapts to this inner state and consequently becomes truth. Each of us can therefore achieve great things and completely change the world. So let's use the energy of today and remember exactly this inner power. We can change everything. It's pure magic. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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