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As mentioned in my article yesterday about the current increase in vibration, some people have experienced stormy times in the past few weeks. The energetic influences were of great intensity and much that was not in harmony with our own soul, with our own intentions, now came to the fore more strongly than ever and subsequently put a strain on our own mind/body/spirit system. Whether it was unresolved inner conflicts, mental problems, various remaining shadows, all of this was catapulted into our own daily consciousness with dramatic speed during this time and asked us to look into our innermost being to finally be able to find an important conclusion, a conclusion to old blocking behavior patterns.

The current time is very important

A new cycle is beginningFor this reason, the current time is very important. Never before has there been such a strong battle between our egoistic and spiritual minds. Our own fears, problems and overall our own inner imbalance came to the fore more strongly than ever and made us feel in a brutal way that we now have to initiate important changes in our own lives. The time for sleep is over, now it's time to use the power of our own mind to achieve a personal breakthrough. The ego or residual shadow parts (negative thoughts, unresolved conflicts, low frequencies) cling more and more to our own mind and as a result trigger physical symptoms such as concentration problems, sleep problems, feelings of weakness, circulatory problems, anxiety attacks, headaches, etc . Ultimately, this further promotes the creation of a negative space, a negatively oriented state of consciousness, from which a negative reality emerges. Nevertheless, the whole game of staying in rigid, sustainable patterns of life, of staying in worries and fears, can no longer be maintained. The fundamental vibration of our planet is currently so high that we are simply forced to create space for positivity. A personal revolution is now essential for our continued prosperity and in this context is also facing many people. At the end of the day, this personal breakthrough will also have a massive impact on the collective state of consciousness, which will gradually come into the light and fundamentally change its direction.

The alignment of the collective state of consciousness changes, ushering in a new phase of spiritual awakening, the phase of action..!!

The focus on peace, harmony and, above all, truth will now become increasingly important. The low-frequency system maintained by the puppet politicians is becoming less and less popular and even the most skeptical people are increasingly recognizing the deliberate spread of disinformation, recognizing all the false flag attacks, the staged terrorist attacks, recognizing the deliberate suppression of the human spirit.

A new cycle is beginning

A new cycle is beginning

For this reason, we can now expect exciting and, above all, successful + important times. The stormy phase regarding our own egoistic mind is slowly coming to an end and the identification with our own soul will now be stronger than ever. In this context, the summer solstice will also reach us “tomorrow” or today, a day that was already considered very mystical by earlier cultures. We celebrate the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere (1:24 a.m. ADT - Atlantic Standard Time) and will experience a positivization of our own spectrum of thoughts in the coming days. In this regard, the sun also stands for vitality, success, life force, harmony, drive and our own inner light. In general, the year 2017 stands for these aforementioned aspects, because the sun is this year's astrological ruler. In this regard, the summer solstice also leads us to an important new beginning, which is particularly favored on June 24th. On this day, the sixth new moon of this year reaches us, a new moon in Cancer, which initiates a new cycle that in turn lasts until the next new moon on July 23rd. In this context, this cycle is very important for our own prosperity, for the realization of a personal breakthrough.

Harness the potential of the coming days and end your self-created suffering, instead realign your mind and create a positive state of consciousness..!!

In general, new moons also represent new beginnings. Ultimately, we can look forward to the coming weeks and use the potential of the new cycle. We can now initiate a personal change and resolve our own mental problems, i.e. dependencies, feelings of fear, karmic baggage, trauma and other inner inconsistencies and transform them into positive thoughts. As always, it only depends on ourselves and the use of our own minds. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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