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external energies

In today's world, or has been for centuries, people like to be influenced and shaped by external energies. In doing so, we integrate/legitimize the energy of other people in our own mind and let it become a part of our own reality. Sometimes this can be of a very counterproductive nature, for example when we subsequently adopt disharmonious beliefs and beliefs or when these External energies/thoughts lead us too far away from our own truth, yes, possibly even arouse doubts in us.

Are there any external energies at all?

external energiesOf course, everything is part of our own soul plan and the legitimacy of external energies or even other mental constructs can represent an important aspect in one's own development process, especially if one becomes aware of it afterwards. But as already mentioned, this can often lead to counterproductive views that, in the worst case, remain until the end of one's own incarnation (and beyond - energy does not disappear) (even if in the current "Age of Awakening" it is easier than ever for us to let go of corresponding energies can release). Finally, it should also be said that there are basically many different types of external energies. On the one hand, one could even assert that there are no foreign energies at all, because everything we perceive or everything that exists, everything we see, hear, smell and feel arises from our creative spirit and is in the Follow a product of our own reality. Of course, when we communicate with another person, this person reveals their energy, i.e. they send the energy to us in the form of radiation, words, facial expressions and gestures. On the other hand, you could also see this energy as a product of our own reality, because after all, we created this fact. The corresponding situation is a product of our own creative spirit. We let the situation become manifest through decisions (actions), we decided to communicate with the appropriate person, who then represents a part of our space (our energy).

I am not my thoughts, feelings, senses and experiences. I am not what happens in my life. i am life I am the space in which all things happen. I am consciousness I am the now I am. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

Since everything we perceive is a mental/immaterial product of our own mind, a person's energy is merely a reflection of our own inner state, or rather our own energy. Look around, all you can see right now is an energetic expression emanating from your mind. Now when a person enters your perception, he too is an energetic expression of your spirit.

Don't let other people's blocks become your blocks

external energiesOne could therefore also say that everything that exists within our reality is merely an image of our energy. But well, to illuminate the topic in detail would now go beyond the scope of the article, I will write a separate one about it. We leave this mental construct (which I now paradoxically refer to as my foreign energy) outside. Well then, to get back to the core of this article, general foreign energies actually mean the energies of other living beings, which we in turn absorb in our own spirit. Of course, one could, for example, also describe the radiation/energy of a mobile phone mast (electrosmog) as external energy, simply for the reason that a corresponding mobile phone mast emits energies/frequencies that, if you ignore the mental construct mentioned above, do not correspond to your own energetic expression / correspond to your own energy. Exactly the same, with regard to external energies, there is often talk of occupations and co (I will also write a separate article on this). The most common type of external energy, however, usually means the mental energy of other people, which in turn can have a strong influence on us. Above all, negative mental constructs and beliefs can pose a real problem in this context. For example, 1-2 years ago someone commented on my blog that people who do enlightenment on spiritual and system-critical topics themselves in a larger/more well-known style cannot complete their reincarnation cycle. At that time it made me think a lot and I spent days with his thoughts, yes, at times I even let it pull me down and convinced myself that because of my work I could complete the reincarnation cycle, at least not in this incarnation. At some point, however, I became aware that this only corresponded to his own reality, that this was his blockage or his belief.

In itself there are no limits, except those that we impose on ourselves..!!

I realized that his limitation does not have to correspond to mine and consequently freed myself from this thought or this foreign energy (at least from the negative aspects of the foreign energy, because his intention or his belief still exists in me, stored in my memory). Basically, I could also name countless such examples, especially in the current information age we are literally flooded with information/external energies and that is why it is important not to be influenced too much by external energies. It is also important not to take over the blockages of other people. We are all the creators of our own reality and should always trust our own inner truth. We ourselves create our own beliefs, convictions and views on life and should therefore trust our own inner feelings. Of course it can also be important to question the knowledge of other people, to deal with it, to consider new possibilities, but if this results in negative limitations that may still trigger an uneasy or bad feeling in us, then we should use them Do not integrate foreign energy into our own reality, even if this can function as a learning process in such cases. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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