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portal days

On September 25th and 27th, 2016 it's that time again, then the next 2 portal days await us. Portal days are days that are listed in the Mayan calendar and draw attention to an extremely high level of cosmic radiation. Since 2012 and the new beginning of the cosmic cycle at this time, our planet has been subject to a constant frequency increase. These energetic vibration increases are due to increased cosmic radiation, which in this context has a massive impact on our consciousness. On the one hand, these energetic increases lead to old thoughts anchored in the subconscious being increasingly brought to light and, on the other hand, people are given the chance to break out of deadlocked, 3-dimensional patterns on these days.

The transformative effects of the portal days

The transformative effects of the portal daysIn recent years, humanity has repeatedly experienced a drastic change in its own vibration frequency. We are currently in one Transition from the 3rd to the 5th dimension. This process ultimately leads to us transforming all of our lower, 3-dimensional patterns into positive, 5-dimensional ones in order to be able to create a completely positive reality again in this context. There are days when humanity is confronted with extremely high levels of cosmic radiation. On the one hand, these energetic surges come directly from our sun (flares), and on the other hand, these high frequencies come directly from the galactic core. The effects of these incoming energies are enormous and extremely intense. Now two such portal days await us again on September 25th and 27th, 2016 and this time too the effects will be noticeable. In many cases it seems that depressive moods can become noticeable on such days. Fatigue, increased irritability, a feeling of loneliness and mood swings can also occur more frequently. This circumstance is ultimately due to the cleansing effects of these frequency increases. These strong frequency increases indirectly ask us to come to terms with our true selves. An appeal is made to the connection of the mental mind and 2 dimensional, egoistic behaviors emerge and are increasingly made clear to us so that we have the opportunity to deal with them intensively again. In addition, on such days our own heart's desires come into action and regain their mental presence. It should be said that every person has a spiritual mind in which all of our heart's desires and dreams are rooted. These heartfelt desires give us a certain drive in life and are just waiting to be lived/realized by us again. In this sense, negative, 3-dimensional thought processes and behavior or ego-affected thinking, which we know has a lasting impact on us, distances us from our heart's desires and moves us away from this path. The same applies to our soul plan. Every person has a so-called soul plan in which all of our incarnation tasks are stored. This soul plan would like to be realized by oneself, but such an undertaking requires a permanent connection to the spiritual mind, an increased stay in the 3th dimension (the 5th dimension means a state of consciousness in which higher thoughts and emotions find their place).

Since we are currently in a quantum leap into awakening and are heading completely towards the 5th dimension, there are always days in our lives that ask us to transform our own negative thinking into positive thinking. At this point it should be said that every human being carries certain conflicts, karmic entanglements and unresolved past problems that are brought to our attention again and again from time to time. Especially in the present time and especially on portal days, we humans are confronted with these karmic problems, but at the same time we have the best opportunities to be able to close these entanglements. Ultimately, these days are of the utmost importance, because these days bring us a lot forward in our own development and enable us to come to terms with ourselves. For this reason we should take advantage of the high cosmic radiation of the coming portal days and welcome a transformation of negative thoughts in our own spirit. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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