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new moon

So now it's that time again and another new moon reaches us, to be precise a new moon in the powerful zodiac sign Leo. For this reason, tomorrow is also perfect for creating new things, for realizing thoughts that may have been lingering in our own subconscious for countless months. This is exactly how we can draw on perfectly renewable energies tomorrow, energies that will allow us to draw new things into our own lives again. This therefore primarily refers to new beginnings, drastic changes in one's own life or even reorientation regarding one's own life situations. 

Powerful Renewal – Open your mind

Powerful Renewal - Open your mindNew moons as a whole always represent the new beginning of a new cycle, for beginnings, growth, renewal and change. Ultimately, this is also a reason to legitimize changes in your own mind again tomorrow. In this context, it is becoming more important every day to recognize your own shadow parts and to transform them. The game of duality, the battle between EGO and soul is currently taking on ever greater proportions and it is imperative for the further development of the collective state of consciousness to put an end to this battle. So it's still about the topic of letting go. It is important that we separate ourselves from harmful life situations, from negative behaviors, from entrenched life patterns, and that we dare to take the leap into the unknown instead of constantly having to be afraid of this experience. In this context, there can be no room for anything new, no room for a completely positive life, if we are still trapped in self-created vicious circles and do not dare to break out of them. So we stay in place, move in circles and stand in the way of our own self-realization. The year 2017, which predicted a climax between our own emotional and egoistic parts, now increasingly requires us to break out of dreaming and instead take active action.

The year 2017 is a key year in which the battle between EGO and soul will reach its peak. This “fight” will then result in a positive further development of the collective state of consciousness, whereby old structures based on lies, deception and self-sabotage will gradually be dissolved..!! 

The times in which we became trapped in self-created negative life patterns and progress was hardly possible are about to end and a new time in which our own realigned minds will inspire the collective state of consciousness is now upon us. Our own soul just wants to develop and we want to fully exploit its potential again. In exactly the same way, the positive aspects of our own soul plan would like to be realized again instead of remaining hidden.

Through our own actions, through our own thoughts and emotions, the collective state of consciousness is strongly influenced and even changed in its own direction..!!

We are the creators of our own reality, the designers of our own lives and can become truthful again, can create a life again in which our own spiritual identification will transport us into a new time. For this reason, use the energetic potential of tomorrow and start again to create a life of freedom. A life in which you will no longer allow yourself to be blocked by negative thought patterns and will fully live out the positive aspects of your soul plan. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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