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Everything in existence consists of energetic states, which in turn vibrate at a corresponding frequency. This energy, which ultimately permeates everything in the universe and subsequently also represents an aspect of our own primal ground (spirit), has already been mentioned in a wide variety of treatises. For example, the sociologist Wilhelm Reich called this inexhaustible source of energy orgone. This natural life energy has fascinating properties. On the one hand, it can promote healing for us humans, i.e. harmonize it, or it can be harmful, of a disharmonic nature. For that matter, the frequency at which this energy vibrates can also increase or decrease.

Healing Frequency – 432 Hertz Music

Healing Frequency - 432 Hertz MusicIn this context, Wilhelm Reich referred to energy that had a low vibrational state, i.e. natural energy that came into contact with radioactivity or even extreme artificial electromagnetic fields (electrosmog) and was subsequently “contaminated” with DOR (deadly orgone ). Wilhelm Reich called energy, which in turn had a high vibrational state, i.e. natural, flowing/pulsating energy, POR (positive orgone). Positive orgone or energy, which fundamentally vibrates at a harmonious frequency, can also have a very harmonious and inspiring influence on our own psychological constitution. For this reason, pieces of music that vibrate at a harmonious frequency have been appearing again and again in recent years. People here also like to talk about 432 Hertz music. In this regard, 432Hz music means music that has a very specific sound frequency, namely a sound frequency that has 432 up and down movements per second. For this reason, 432 Hz music has a very special vibration frequency, which in turn has a very harmonious and, above all, healing influence on our own mental state. Music that vibrates at 432 Hz can put us into a meditative state and harmonizes our own state of consciousness, which in turn leads to us becoming more balanced. Regularly listening to and perceiving appropriate 432Hz music can even open our own chakras and increase their own spin, which ultimately improves our overall well-being. In the same way, music that vibrates at this sound frequency can improve our own sleep rhythms and is even capable of triggering strong lucid dreams. For this reason, I have picked out a suitable 432Hz piece of music for you, which firstly vibrates at this frequency and secondly has a very calming effect on our own minds. I'm actually listening to this piece of music as I write this article and enjoying its soothing sounds. 🙂

Otherwise, it should be added that not only 432Hz music can increase our own vibrational state, but this also applies in general to calming music, tones and sounds that put us in a relaxed state. For example, there is music that simply calms us down, music that allows us to relax and forget the worries in our lives for a brief moment.

A very special music

But this is a completely individual story and each person has to find out for themselves which music calms them down and which doesn't. As for me personally, for example, I listen to a lot of different music. A soundtrack that always has a very special influence on my psyche in this context is the “Atmosphere Soundtrack” of my favorite game, Skyrim. As soon as I hear this music, it hits me straight away. I get goosebumps all over my body and then I feel extremely relaxed + just happy. For me, this music also has a very nostalgic touch, as I have played this game again and again throughout my life, at different stages of my life. For this reason, I have a lot in common with music. So many different memories keep popping into my own mind when I listen to it and make me think. The same also applies to the somewhat more melodic “Explore Soundtrack“ of this game.

However, as already mentioned, this is different for every person and everyone has their own individual pieces of music that help them relax. Ultimately, I would also be very interested to know what music you often listen to to calm down or relax. Just write it in the comments and let me know, I'll listen to it then. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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