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lack awareness

In today's society, the lives of many people are accompanied by suffering and lack, a circumstance caused by an awareness of lack. You don't see the world as it is, but as you are. This is exactly how you get what corresponds to the frequency of your own state of consciousness. Our own mind works like a magnet in this context. A spiritual magnet that allows us to attract whatever we want into our lives. Someone who mentally identifies with lack or keeps focusing on lack will only attract more lack into their own lives. An unchangeable law, in the end one always draws into one's own life what also corresponds to one's own frequency of vibration, one's own thoughts and feelings. Awareness of lack is one of the most common factors by which we limit our own happiness, a state of consciousness that does not create abundance but lack.

Lack of awareness and its effects

lack awarenessAwareness of lack is constantly present in today's world, and such thinking is practically given to us by the system in the cradle. Many people automatically resonate mentally with lack: "I don't have enough, I want it, why can't I get it? I'm missing something, I'm sick, I don't deserve something like this, I'm poor... - I don't have. Whenever we legitimize such thinking in our own mind, we automatically resonate with lack. Because of the Law of Resonance, which in turn states that energy primarily attracts energy of the same frequency, we then also attract more lack into our own lives. We are creators of our own reality and therefore always receive what we think - feel - realize - create. The universe does not judge our own thoughts, desires and dreams, even if they are "desires" whose core is negative origin. If you look at life from a negative point of view or keep telling yourself that you have nothing, are convinced of it and live permanently in this mental poverty, but inside you wish that you would get more abundance, then the universe does not react to that Desire in itself, but based on one's own conviction, evaluates this as a desire.

You will always attract into your life what corresponds to the frequency at which your state of consciousness vibrates..!!

So if you are convinced that you don't have much and this thinking dominates your state of consciousness, then you will automatically attract more lack into your life and your situation will not change. Furthermore, you will experience a standstill in this regard and the whole thing can only change if you change the state of consciousness from which you view your world.

If you are content and therefore resonate with abundance, then you will automatically attract more abundance into your life..!! 

There is no way to happiness, being happy is the way. So it's about mentally resonating with abundance and if you can do this again, then you will automatically attract abundance into your own life, because then you radiate + attract abundance. Beliefs such as I have enough, I'm happy, I'm worth it, I'm beautiful, I'm grateful, in this context lead to more abundance being drawn into one's own life.

From lack awareness to abundance awareness

lack awarenessIt is imperative again to look at life from a positive perspective. One's own inner balance is therefore necessarily linked to an awareness of abundance, because someone who has an inner imbalance, for example caused by poor nutrition, addictions, early childhood trauma/mental wounds, through which we have compulsions - fears etc. develop will most likely look at life from a negative point of view. Other beliefs that are an indication of a lack of consciousness would be, for example: Life is not good with me, the universe does not like me, I'm just unlucky. Of course, life doesn't mean anything bad to you, unless of course you think so and are convinced of it. If you are convinced of this, then life means something bad to you and you will only ever experience things that confirm our thinking. Your own mind is then focused on such thinking and vibrates at a deficiency frequency. Superstition is also based on this principle. You believe the black cat is bad luck for you, then it will be, not because it is bad luck per se, but because your beliefs about the black cat resonate with lack/bad luck. Have you ever wondered how placebos can work, well now you know, by believing in an effect, you create a corresponding effect, draw a corresponding effect into your life.

The more you look at life from a positive point of view, the more you attract positive things into your life..!!

For this reason, to generate abundance, it is again of utmost importance to legitimize positive beliefs in one's own mind. If you consciously pay attention to your own negative beliefs and views in everyday life, you will soon be able to reprogram your own subconscious so that it only generates positive thoughts, thoughts of abundance. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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