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In today's world, fears and doubts are omnipresent. Our system is designed for correspondingly negative or energetically dense states and is interested in a development of our own egoistic mind. This not only refers to a purely material orientation or even to egoism, hatred, envy and anger, but also to fears, doubts and judgments.

The failure of the string pullers

The weapons of the string pullersIn particular, judgments (judgements about ideas with which one cannot identify oneself, especially related to spiritual and system-critical content) and the resulting exclusions are wanted by those who pull the strings of the sham system, because if we humans reject knowledge that does not correspond to our own world view and in As a result, even people who hold a different opinion are ridiculed, yes even excluded, then plans can be implemented which, despite their dangerousness, are accepted by the masses. Curious or even questionable circumstances are not questioned and since one does not want to be labeled as a "conspiracy theorist" (a word coined by the CIA and used as part of a psychological warfare against the population), one fits in with the crowd and even throws "stones" at those who in turn have a completely atypical but free body of thought. In particular, system-critical content is stomped into the ground, at least it is tried, because more and more people are waking up and recognizing the game with our mind. Labeling such people as Reich citizens, populists or even conspiracy theorists no longer works, at least less and less. The mass media, in particular, are encountering more resistance (I don't want to put alternative media in the right light with this, there are also certain discrepancies, but not in the least as obvious and critical as is the case with various system media - Spiegel, Welt, Focus, Bild, ARD, ZDF and co. is the case). This can also be seen on countless societal levels. In the meantime, many articles - in which system-critical content/thoughts are denounced by people - are literally torn apart within the comments. To give a concrete example, Lisa Fitz recently published a song in which various machinations and bogus/puppet politics + their backers were denounced.

Due to an ongoing process of awakening, more and more people are developing mentally and emotionally and are not only dealing with the truth about their own origin, but also with the desired suppression of this truth..!!

The Focus promptly published an article in which their song was described as a "confused song full of conspiracy theories". Her person was ridiculed and her statements labeled as conspiratorial. Many years ago, a corresponding article would have received a lot of encouragement from the population, but this has changed in the meantime and so all comments were directed exclusively against Focus or, firstly, attention was drawn to the disparagement by Focus and secondly, the truthfulness of their statements was confirmed/affirmed .

Our heart energy as a key

AnxietyFrom day to day mankind develops mentally and spiritually (due to very special cosmic circumstances we are in a time of upheaval and people experience an increase/expansion of their own state of consciousness - look behind the scenes - live in harmony with nature - own Exploring the Urgrund) continues and as more and more people deal with this content and penetrate the illusory world with their own spirit, there is increased resistance. Of course there are still attempts to divide humanity and this not only refers to the Hooton Plan ( The division of European peoples, especially Germany [see truth about the first two world wars], the destruction of our identities - wanted mass immigrations), also to the Cleavage likes to sow doubts. More and more people now understand, for example, that serious diseases such as cancer can be cured and that there are over 400 cures/cures, that cures are deliberately suppressed because the pharmaceutical cartels make billions from cancer (it's a huge industry - it's not just about our physical and mental retardation, but also the competitiveness of some pharmaceutical companies). As a result, the mass media badmouthed the corresponding alternative therapy options, even portrayed them as dangerous, which caused some people to begin to doubt these healing methods. For this reason, doubts are deliberately sown so that mankind questions the currently existing system with all its machinations and intrigues less or even comes to the conclusion that all of this is "false news". Fears are also deliberately transported into our heads. Whether it is the fear of certain diseases (“get vaccinated” – you can get sick at any time) or even the fear of terrorism (fear of terrorist attacks and as a result legitimize hatred of other people in your own mind, makes warlike activities a defense democratic values ​​- even if we don't tell you that, firstly, we arm both sides, destabilize countries and initiate false-flag attacks...all to advance economic and other interests).

Internal resistance cuts you off from other people, from yourself, from the world around you. It increases the sense of separateness on which the ego's survival depends. The stronger your sense of separateness, the more attached you are to the manifest, to the world of form. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

Fear, division, hatred, judgments and doubts are means with which we humans are supposed to be diverted from our true divine nature. An increase in our own frequency state is prevented with all might, as well as an associated expansion of our state of consciousness. The world should not be questioned, but instead blindly accepted and anyone who rebels against it or addresses content that is critical to the system should also feel this, whether from the mass media or even from society. Nevertheless, the current process of awakening can no longer be reversed, it is even unavoidable and the development of our own spirit and the return to our hearts cannot be prevented. Love, tolerance, understanding, charity, a mental openness (impartiality), inner peace and the truth about our existence, all these are aspects that are feared by the string pullers. Our own heart energy is therefore the key to no longer being subjugated by these destructive systems. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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