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In some of my last articles, I went into detail about why we humans develop various diseases such as cancer and, above all, how one can free oneself from serious diseases (With this combination of healing methods, you can dissolve 99,9% of cancer cells within a few weeks). In this context, every disease is curable, even if pharmaceutical cartels use various media outlets to conduct targeted propaganda and present us with a completely distorted picture of the world, in this case in particular of diseases and medicines.

The fact that we are sick and stay sick is intentional

CancerThe fact that we humans are sick, get sick and stay sick is therefore in the interests of these competitive companies, for this reason we are treated with chemical agents that usually only promise a temporary cure, but damage our organisms and our health in the long term unbalance health. For this reason, doctors have never learned to treat the cause of an illness, i.e. to identify a negative mental spectrum, an unbalanced lifestyle, illnesses that have arisen from various traumas or even an unnatural diet as the cause of countless illnesses. Instead, in many diseases, only symptoms are treated, but causes remain undetected/untreated. For example, if a person develops cancer, then the cause of the cancer is not, for example, a mind/body/spirit system that is completely out of balance, in the case of breast cancer, a lack of self-esteem, a lack of self-acceptance of one's own body, or an unnatural diet Cause is taken into account, but it is suggested to us that there are simply people who get cancer, or it is blamed on our genetics.

The causes of most diseases usually remain unexplained by conventional doctors and are usually completely ignored. Whether it is a negative thought spectrum, an imbalanced mind, a lack of self-love or even an unnatural lifestyle/nutrition, all of these causes that are primarily responsible for the development of diseases are treated with symptom-relieving drugs instead..!!

Chemotherapy does not treat the cause of the cancer, but instead massively poisons our body and kills countless cells. The symptom can certainly be temporarily remedied in this way, but our body is subsequently poisoned or weakened to such an extent that new foundations are laid for further secondary diseases.

Cancer trigger No. 1: Industrially produced fructose

Cancer trigger No. 1: Industrially produced fructoseApart from this, the probability of cancer developing again is very high. How could it be otherwise, the problem that is ultimately responsible for the development of cancer has not been solved. The same applies to high blood pressure, for example. Instead of finding out the cause of the high blood pressure with the patient and explaining/prescribing an alkaline/natural diet as a remedy, the symptoms are only treated with antihypertensive drugs that have side effects. For this reason, more and more people are turning to alternative healing methods these days and are beginning to explore their own self-healing powers. Apart from this, more and more people are also changing their own diet and starting to eat naturally as much as possible. At the same time, all “food” is avoided that acidifies our own cell environment, chronically poisons our body and causes countless other negative reactions. Away from excessive meat consumption (animal proteins and fats damage our own cell environment, even if we don't like to hear that and instead prefer to indulge in the supposedly "neutral" reports of the mass media or even our own appearance), countless finished products and other unnatural factors especially soft drinks and various “juices” are poison for our own bodies. This is how soft drinks are made apart from aspartame and co. usually enriched with industrially produced fructose and this is exactly where a crucial factor is hidden that, apart from an unbalanced mental state and an unnatural diet, can massively accelerate the growth process of cancer cells.

Whether industrially produced sugar or even industrially produced fruit sugar, both types of sugar can massively accelerate the growth of cancer cells and have a very negative influence on our own cell environment..!!

Industrially produced sugar, in particular industrially produced fructose, serves as a nutrient for cancer cells and can accelerate their growth immensely. Researchers at the University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) found out that tumor cells thrive on glucose, but in turn grow at lightning speed on fructose and reproduce in a special way. Refined or industrially produced fructose is not only found in countless soft drinks and industrially processed juices, but also in various ready meals, certain types of bread, sweets, ready-made sauces, soups and countless preserves, some of which contain not inconsiderable amounts of this poison, which is why a natural diet again should be in the foreground. If you would like more information on this topic, I can only recommend the video linked below. There the topic is explained in detail again and it is made clear in an unmistakable way why artificial fructose is poison for our cells. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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