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Full moon

Tomorrow, i.e. November 23rd, 2018, it will be that time again and another full moon will reach us, to be precise it is a full moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, because the moon changes to the zodiac sign early in the morning at 05:10 a.m. For this reason, this full moon can shed light on issues or even conflicts that in turn are associated with communication blockages, Mood swings or even self-doubt are accompanied, because these are ultimately all problems that a Gemini moon can deepen.

Redeem old structures

Powerful full moon energiesFor this reason, it could well be possible that we want to get certain things off our chest because of the communicative aspect, something that can generally be very inspiring, because instead of keeping the corresponding disharmonious energies inside, you let them go this and thereby creates space for new conditions if necessary. Of course, this doesn't resolve inner conflicts, but it can still be extremely beneficial. On the other hand, we should also be aware that full moons in particular are always accompanied by a special energy quality and allow us to progress in our development in this regard (the last full moon days, for example, were accompanied by an incredible energy quality). Especially in the current high-energy phase, one could also speak of the current high-energy month of November, our own conflicts can be increasingly transported into our daily consciousness. Transformation, change and cleansing processes are more than ever in full swing and show us the transition into a collective five-dimensional (high-frequency) state of consciousness. Old structures “would like” to be increasingly dissolved so that we can finally welcome new and, above all, high-frequency living conditions.

The current strong energy quality is literally “washing through” our own energy system and making us aware of various legacy problems and inconsistencies. This serves our own unveiling and allows us to become much more truthful in the long run...!! 

This process has been massively intensified for weeks or in the last few months and the realignment of the collective spirit is experiencing an acceleration of unimagined proportions. In this context, it feels like new heights are being reached day by day and you can see everywhere how much humanity is freeing itself from the “dark” veil of the last millennia. As already mentioned several times, as spiritual beings we all experience an incarnation process and, especially in this high-energy phase of spiritual awakening, enormous further development is possible for all of us.

Welcoming the new

Full moonThe phase is so changing that optimal conditions prevail in order to be able to permanently immerse yourself in a state of consciousness, which in turn is characterized by peace, harmony and love. For this reason, experiencing shadowy circumstances can also be experienced very strongly, because as has often been mentioned, we increasingly disconnect from low-frequency states. We penetrate the illusion imposed on us with our spirit, recognize countless illusion/EGO structures and gradually experience a corresponding inner liberation. This can sometimes be perceived as extremely strenuous, but we can also experience inner highs and strong energetic surges (a feeling of vitality and liveliness). Nevertheless, there is increasing relief across the board, which is noticeable in strong cleaning processes. Not only do changes in our own mind, realignments and completely new views become manifest, but we increasingly learn to act based on current patterns, even if this process is experienced as painful at times, everything moves as a result. Therefore, no matter how shadowy the current phase may be for some, we should always be aware that all of this serves our own inner growth. Tomorrow's full moon will give us another massive push and will once again benefit our own mental and spiritual prosperity. New and full moons in particular always bring with them incredible potential, especially in this special time of spiritual awakening, which is why it wouldn't irritate me if we experienced tomorrow in a very special way, i.e., for example, to new insights regarding of our lives (new feelings, etc.) or, on the other hand, we experience a condition that shows us an important lesson.

Tomorrow's full moon will certainly bring incredible potential and will once again show us our own state of being in a unique way. A special day, within a special month…!! 

Either way, this full moon will certainly promote changes and mental realignments and will also represent an important day in November, at least from an energetic perspective. We can therefore all be “excited”, especially since the month has already been very transformative in nature. I was able to gain a lot of new impressions in this regard and also initiate some very important changes, for example the normalization of my sleep rhythm after countless years. Well then, with that in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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