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Don't concentrate all your strength on fighting the old, but rather on shaping the new." This quote comes from the Greek philosopher Socrates and is intended to point out to us that we humans do not use our strength to fight the old (old, past living conditions ) should be wasted, but new ones instead manifest life circumstances and, above all, accept them.

Create new living conditions

Fight the oldWhen it comes to this, we humans tend to hold on to old, past life situations. In doing so, we cling to what has already happened and promise ourselves a life characterized by peace and harmony. Often we even pool all our strengths and fight mainly against our past. We are unable to free ourselves from this and therefore become more and more caught up in disharmonious mental constructs. Ultimately, we can't let go or, as Janine Wagner wrote on my Facebook page a few weeks ago, let the situation be as it is. A new life in which the old no longer has any meaning or no disharmonious meaning for us can only then arise or, better said, become manifest (a new life becomes manifest in itself every second and is reflected in our changed "new moments" expanded state of being again) when we let our past be and as a result we concentrate on forming the new. In this way, we humans can create a life that corresponds to our ideas with the help of our own mental creative powers (thanks to our minds, we are the creators of our own reality). However, this is not made possible by dwelling on a supposed past, but by acting actively and consciously from the present, the now (an eternally extending moment that has always existed). Working within current structures is therefore essential when it comes to creating new living conditions. Especially since we should always be aware that our happiness can only return when we stop fighting the old and instead embrace the new. So we no longer direct our own minds towards a state of deficiency (a state of suffering, heaviness, lack - lack of peace, gratitude and love), but towards abundance, creation and further development. Energy always follows our own attention and what we focus on becomes more present in our lives.

Due to its frequency state (it receives frequencies and sends out frequencies), our own mind acts like a strong magnet that attracts everything it resonates with..!! 

Focusing on a supposedly negative past (we determine whether we forgive or not, whether we blame ourselves or not - whether we come to terms with the past or not) maintains the corresponding past, documented with our negative feelings. For this reason, which energetic signature our past carries depends on us. Of course, it should be said at this point that it is often not easy to come to terms with one's own past.

Everyone has to go their own way

create something newSo it's anything but easy for us to let go of the old ways. Whether a precarious past, old sustainable behavior/habits or even superfluous living conditions (conditionally superfluous - because the living circumstance, even if it feels superfluous, teaches us a lesson or serves our development), we are often so much in our own Thoughts become entangled so that we can hardly find a way out of them. For this reason, every person has to go their own way in life, because there is no universal remedy that works for every person. Of course, ultimately love is considered the strongest force in the universe and can not only heal every person (drive away the darkness from their heart), but also change their entire state of being for the better. But the path to love, or rather the manifestation of a state of consciousness - from which a reality emerges that is shaped by love - is something that happens to each person on a completely individual path. What worked for one person does not necessarily work for another person. In this context, this can also be related to the healing of serious illnesses. In this regard, cancer, for example, is curable (cures are suppressed by various pharmaceutical cartels - but that is a different topic), but there are over 400 remedies/methods with which cancer can be cured. However, there are remedies that are not completely effective (lead to healing) for every person. Of course, appropriate remedies have incredible healing potential and a lot can be achieved with an appropriate base-excess diet, but this does not necessarily have to lead to healing. Our own inner conflicts simply flow into this, because every illness is not only the result of an unnatural lifestyle, but mainly of a negatively oriented mind. Our inner conflicts, karmic entanglements and shadow parts maintain the illness or are responsible for its development. As humans, we can usually only completely resolve the cause of our illness once we resolve our conflicts.

Every disease is not born first in our body, but first in our mind. An unbalanced mental state, usually due to internal conflicts, is crucial for the manifestation of an illness..!!

Since every person has completely different inner conflicts, various remedies/methods cannot necessarily be applied to every person. Basically, we usually only know what stresses us and why we suffer, because our entire life has only been experienced through us (of course there are also repressed life circumstances, why Help from outside can be useful). Nobody knows our life as well as we ourselves, because we created it with every breath and with every realized thought. For this reason, only we ourselves, thanks to our unique creative expression or abilities, can end our suffering. At the end of the day, we are all unique beings, complex universes, powerful creators of our own reality and whether we fight the old or create the new always depends on our decisions. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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