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of Love

As all of humanity is undergoing a tremendous ascension process, and in the process undergoing increasingly tumultuous processes of healing their own mind, body and spirit systems, it is also happening that some are becoming aware that they are spiritually connected to everything. Instead of following the assumption that the outside world exists only apart from a self and us consequently working isolated/separated from creation, one realizes that there is no separation at its core and that the outer world is merely an image of one's own inner world and vice versa.

You are connected to everything

You are connected to everythingIt behaves exactly as the universal law of correspondence describes it, as within, so without, as on the outside, so on the inside (as in oneself, so in the other and vice versa). As above so below, as below so above. As in the small, so in the large, and as in the large, so in the small. You are everything and everything is you. Ultimately, we are therefore connected to the entire perceptible world on an energetic level. In itself, all of existence is embedded even in one's own mind. Everything you see, hear, feel, feel, perceive and experience takes place in your own inner space or in your own field. For this reason one can also speak of an all-encompassing field in which all structures, potentials, possibilities and circumstances are embedded. What we perceive on the outside reflects the current mental state of our inner world (which is why I always say that the darkness in the world reflects unredeemed parts of ourselves). The more healed we are, the more we will attract external circumstances based on healing. In exactly the same way, we also ensure that the outer world can heal more. For this reason, one's own self-development is also of the utmost importance, because it determines the further course and state of human civilization. Well, all of reality is within one's inner space (therefore you also perceive these words here within yourself - there is nothing that cannot be perceived outside of you) and is constantly being expanded through the formation of new ideas and experiences. In this regard, imagine an energetic field with a core. You are the core and the gigantic field surrounding you arises from within you. All people, animals, plants and everything imaginable are embedded within this field. You yourself supply all the structures embedded in the field with your energy. The more harmonious your mind is, the more positive your influence on the structures within the field. The worse you feel or the more stressed you are, the more stressful and, above all, more inhibiting your influence on the collective or on all structures.

Love as the highest frequency

Love as the highest frequencyThe most healing of all forms of energy is ultimately unconditional love or love in general. There is no purer and above all healing frequency. It is the vibratory quality that holds the key to the ascension of one's entire field, i.e. it is the energy through which all existential expression can be healed. Consequently, the more rooted we are in the feeling of true love, the more we provide this wholesome feeling to all of creation. It could also be said that the more love we allow to bloom within us, the more we raise the vibration of all of existence. Even the smallest acts of love trigger fundamentally positive changes in the collective spirit. Ultimately, it is therefore also of the utmost importance that we open our own hearts or keep them open, i.e. that we feel love and let it flow. The more we are rooted in love, the greater the healing flow of energy we bring to existence. And it is precisely this increase in the frequency of all creation that constitutes the core to the full ascension of existence.

The Healing Stream of Love

It is love that heals all wounds and also dissolves all obscurations. Often we also tend to let resentment and fears revive instead of love, especially in the current time. In these days we are being tested more than ever to see if we are still able to show love to the world. It doesn't do us any good if we only focus on suffering, because that's how we don't create love, but pain. What is the point of getting upset about conflicts in the world and, if necessary, becoming angry? By doing so, we only encourage the energy of conflict. All circumstances can only be healed by our love. Only when we feel love ourselves and consequently produce it/let it flow from our hearts, only then can we send the healing flow of energy to all people, the earth and all animals. And it is precisely this task that we will grow into more and more in the coming time, everything else should no longer be permanent. It is the supreme knowledge in life and the path to maximum ascension. It is the path that completely raises the overall vibration of creation. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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