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There are things in life that every human being needs. Things that are irreplaceable + priceless and are important for our own mental / spiritual well-being. On the one hand, it is the harmony that we humans long for. In the same way, it is love, happiness, inner peace and contentment that give our lives a special shine. All of these things are in turn connected to a very important aspect, something that every human being needs in order to fulfill a happy life and that is freedom. In this regard, we try many things in order to be able to lead a life in complete freedom. But what exactly is complete freedom and how do you achieve it? Now that every person is the creator of their own reality and has their own individual views of life, creates their own beliefs and beliefs, every person also defines freedom in their own individual way.

Freedom - A state of consciousness

mental freedomNevertheless, every human being has a very concrete idea of ​​freedom, a certain ideal in this regard, which he would like to realize in his life. But how do you achieve this and what exactly is freedom? Basically, freedom is a state, to be precise a state of consciousness, from which an independent and, above all, free life can emerge. A life in which we have complete freedom of action, do not let our free will be restricted in any way and do what corresponds to our ideas, realize what has been present in our subconscious for countless years in the form of dreams and ideas about life. In this regard, we often try with all our might to realize these dreams and only find peace when these dreams have become reality (it is of course important to focus on the realization of one's own dreams - but it is important for this manifestation to work To resonate with abundance and to charge one's own thoughts about the dream with positive feelings, this attitude is then stored in the subconscious.When one then actively shapes one's own life and bathes in the presence of the present, one automatically pulls its realization after the time in your own life). However, this often blocks the further course of our own lives.

Dreams cannot be realized if the attempt at realization arises from a lack consciousness..!!

If we do this, only chasing our dreams out of a state of deficiency and can hardly concentrate on the present moment, then we usually rob ourselves of a small part of our own freedom. We find no rest, no longer live a balanced life and thus block the power of our own mind.

Constraints, blockades and dependencies

For this reason, freedom also depends on our current state of consciousness or even on the alignment of our own state of consciousness. In this context, every person has various mental blockages, self-imposed burdens that stand in the way of our own inner peace at the end of the day and promote a disharmonious/unbalanced state of consciousness. It could be the case, for example, that you are mourning an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend and cannot put an end to the situation, or loved ones who have passed away, who keep entering our daily consciousness in the form of thoughts and trigger a feeling of sadness in us. Otherwise, it is often substances (tobacco, coffee, alcohol, energetically dense food, etc.) that we are dependent on or even self-imposed compulsions (I have to do this, I can't live without it, I need it, etc.), which in turn limit our own ability to act. All these self-imposed mechanisms rob us of a little bit of freedom and prevent the development of our own intellectual potential. Freedom, for this reason, is a state of consciousness, in fact a very high state of consciousness, out of which emerges a reality in which we are perfectly happy and content with what we have.

Boundaries and blockages arise exclusively in our thoughts, in our own mind. For this reason, it is important to change your own mental orientation in order to be able to actively work on dissolving your own blockages again..!! 

A state of consciousness in which we are no longer subject to self-imposed limits and problems and are free of any negative thoughts and blockages. Well, at least this is all my personal conception of freedom. As already mentioned, every person defines freedom for himself and every person has an individual idea of ​​life. Nevertheless, one thing is certain, freedom is something very important and, above all, something that every living being needs in order to be able to fully develop its own potential again. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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