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energy surge

It's been that time again for 2 days and we're once again experiencing strong electromagnetic influences/increases. I have to note that the influences are very noticeable today. You could really feel that there was a lot in the air, which you could tell not only from the sometimes humid weather (due to the area and Haarp, of course), but also from other factors. I feel pretty overwhelmed myself too At least for the last 2-3 hours I have been feeling very sleepy.

Strong electromagnetic influences again

Strong electromagnetic influences againEither I react to such increases with an “increase in life energy” (then I feel very dynamic), or they have the completely opposite effect and I become very tired. For me today it was a mix of both. In the morning or around midday I was in a very energetic mood and for a few hours now I have been feeling very exhausted. On the other hand, I dreamed very intensely last night and today I will certainly have intense dreams again, because on certain days our dreams tend to be more pronounced than usual. Many other people also have this experience on electromagnetically strong days. Cleansing & TransformationSince the earth's magnetic field is weakened due to the influences, much stronger cosmic radiation reaches us and this radiation has a very special influence on our own minds. For this reason, it is always highly recommended to go out into nature on such days or to do something good for your soul, simply because our entire system has to process the influences. This is why we may feel more exhausted than usual. Tensions can also arise and previously unspoken or repressed internal conflicts can reach our daily consciousness. In exactly the same way, on appropriate days we can engage more deeply with our own state of being and achieve exciting self-knowledge. These are days that are very important in the current process of spiritual awakening and promote a further development of the collective state of consciousness, which is why truths about our origin reach many people.

In the current process of spiritual awakening, there are always days when quite strong cosmic influences reach us. These days usually serve our own mental and spiritual development and can accelerate/intensify our individual cleansing and transformation process..!! 

Through these climbs we feel drawn to our own origins and question various mechanisms of life (striving for higher knowledge).

More climbs in the next few days?!

For this reason, some people are confronted more than usual with the current illusionary system (possibly some people penetrate the illusionary world around us with their own spirit for the very first time - which means that the truth spreads more widely in the following days). energy surgeWell, to come back to my personal feelings, even though I only found out about the strong increases during the course of the day (hence no mention in today's daily energy article), it is still astonishing how strong one can be on the influences in advance can react. In this context, a reader also spoke of correspondingly strong energies that she consciously perceived/felt. Well, at the end of the day we can be curious to see whether the influences will be as strong or even more intense in the next few days. As always, I will keep you updated. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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