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Every human being has certain wishes and dreams, ideas about life that are transported into our daily consciousness again and again in the course of life and await their corresponding realization. These dreams are deeply anchored in our own subconscious and rob many people of their daily life energy, ensure that we can no longer focus on the essentials and instead are mentally permanently in resonance with lack. In this context, we often fail to realize corresponding thoughts or wishes. We don't get what we want, so as a rule we often remain in a negatively oriented state of consciousness and as a result usually get nothing. So the manifestation of the wish doesn't work, not because the wish cannot be fulfilled, but because we are mentally getting in our own way.

Your spiritual attractions

Spiritual attractionUltimately, there is a well-known saying that simply explains the principle of wish fulfillment or the desired attraction. “You don’t attract into your life what you want, but what you are and what you radiate.” This quote hits the nail on the head. At the end of the day, we only attract into our lives what we embody, what we are, what we radiate, what corresponds to our own vibration frequency - what corresponds to the alignment of our own state of consciousness. The law of resonance says that like always attracts like. Energy always attracts energy of the same intensity or, better said, energy always attracts energy that vibrates at the same frequency (everything in existence/our origin consists of a spirit/consciousness that flows through everything, which in turn consists of energy that vibrates at a corresponding frequency swings). For this reason, we often don't get what we want because we focus on the fulfillment of a wish from a state of lack awareness. We cling with all our might to the realization of a wish, often remain daydreaming, convince ourselves or are convinced that only the fulfillment of this wish can bring back our happiness in life and that otherwise we would continue to lead a dreary life. We don't focus on abundance, are grateful for what we have, don't enjoy the daily miracles in our lives, but focus solely on lack.

Your own mind acts like a strong magnet that attracts all the things into your life that you ultimately radiate subconsciously..!!

But your own mind acts like a strong magnet that allows us to attract what we radiate and what we are. Ultimately, this is also a reason why many people only attract more negative situations into their own lives. These people always concentrate their life energy on lack, on debts, on bills, on guilt, on “not having” and as a result they attract further lack into their own lives.

Realize your dreams

Realize your dreamsThe universe does not differentiate between “good” and “bad” wishes, but rather it reacts solely to your charisma, to your thoughts and gifts you with what you radiate every day and subsequently attract subconsciously. That's why you can only attract abundance back into your life if you start radiating abundance, if you become full and that works by aligning your spectrum of thoughts positively and becoming satisfied again with what you have, when you think about the little things Enjoy things in life, become satisfied, find your inner peace, become more balanced and overall align your state of consciousness towards the positive things in life. I mean, how many times have you sat in your room and thought about all the things you might have wanted, things you seemed to be missing, focused on negative things, drawn guilt from your mental past, feared about your future, before what could come next? All of these negative orientations rob you of your peace today, block your own mental and emotional abilities, prevent you from using the power of the present and thus prevent you from realizing a happy life. There is no way to happiness, being happy is the way. In the same way, there is no path to abundance, because abundance itself is the path. Instead of dwelling on sadness, self-pity or a feeling of “not having it”, it is important again to live your own life, to be happy, to look forward and to shape your own destiny. Letting go is another important keyword here. Let go of your desires, your past, your blockages, fears + feelings of lack and focus on realizing/living out a contented and happy life.

An important aspect of wish fulfillment is letting go. Only when you let go do you create space for new things, for changes and, above all, space for the fulfillment of your wishes..!!

Your wishes, even if you lose sight of them or no longer think about them or no longer focus on them, are permanently present in your subconscious anyway. Sooner or later you would automatically attract their manifestation into your life. Usually even when you have completely let go and don't think about it anymore. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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