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According to the Bible, Jesus once said that he represents the way, the truth and the life. This quote is also correct to a limited extent, but is usually completely misunderstood by most people and often leads to us considering Jesus or rather his wisdom as the only way and consequently completely ignoring our own creative qualities. After all, it is important to understand that we humans as the source ourselves represent the way, the truth and the life.

We humans are the source

We humans are the sourceBefore I go into this topic in more detail, however, it should be said that I do not want to deny anyone their faith or even their convictions. Especially when it comes to religious topics, for example the Bible, Christ and co. then one often experiences a certain hostility from people who cling to the corresponding teachings with all their might. For this reason, it is also advisable to look at the whole thing from a completely unbiased point of view (open mind). I don't want to attack another person's worldview or even beliefs, quite the contrary, in this article I only present my beliefs and above all my individual reality, which in turn is a product of my own imagination. Well, getting back to the point, if this quote really came from Jesus and was not distorted in any way, then this quote reflects a peculiarity, and that is that Jesus Christ was fully aware of his own creative expression. He understood that he himself represented life, the source, the creative ground, the way, the truth and the life. However, this fact can also be transferred 1:1 to every person, because we all, because of our spiritual ground, which not only represents the highest authority in existence, but also the creation itself (everything arises from mental structures), itself the creation. We ourselves are the space in which everything happens, we are the source, the spirit, the consciousness and life itself. Because of our own spirit we have our completely individual truth and also our completely individual path , which ultimately represents a permanent expression of our own divine ground, because after all our entire life is a result of our own spiritual power of manifestation.

Life or creation is always experienced through ourselves, because we ourselves represent creation or life. We are the space in which everything happens, we are the way, the truth and life itself..!! 

Especially in today's world, we humans shrink and undermine our own creative quality (what is wanted by certain circles is that we are not to realize our true limitless potential - the ability to be capable of the incredible). For example, we tell ourselves that we are too small to make a difference or that we are just a speck of dust in a gigantic universe, but it is important to understand that we ourselves embody the universe. Life arises out of us, is experienced and created by us and that permanently, at any "time", at any "place" (Ultimately we are very powerful creators, which can be seen in an extremely large number of examples, for example our massive mental influence on the collective state of consciousness or just the fact that we realize thoughts every day or even permanently change/re-experience our living conditions - sometimes away from magical or Incredible/supernatural abilities that have been practiced several times in human history by appropriate people and are also experienced again and again. || I will go into more detail in a separate article why such capabilities can be realized and what goes with them).

Turning our gaze inwards again – trust in our abilities

TruthAs I have often mentioned in my articles, we experience everything within ourselves, see everything within ourselves, feel everything within ourselves, hear everything within ourselves and consequently also create everything within ourselves, because we are life ( where do you see and perceive this article? Not on the outside, but in yourself, in your space, in your life). For this reason it is also important that we completely trust in our own inner truth or in our life. Often we are looking for truth, information, ways or even the original reason of creation in the outside, but all answers are already anchored in us, since we ourselves, as already mentioned several times in this article, represent the space in which everything happens. Every day, therefore, innumerable individual realities or creative expressions collide, which have merely forgotten that they themselves represent life. One could also say that this knowledge simply eludes the perception of many people. To reiterate, everything is ultimately an expression of consciousness and consequently everything is due to states of consciousness, of which there are infinitely many. The knowledge that we ourselves represent creation or life, coupled with current sensory impressions, sensations and other mental constructs (Beliefs and Beliefs, – Programs), therefore represents a corresponding state of consciousness. A state of consciousness in which knowledge about our own creation is present can therefore be experienced by everyone, it just eludes the current mental state of a person. One could also speak here of a frequency on which the spirit of the respective person does not yet vibrate (is in resonance). Well then, coming back to Jesus, he (his truth) is often touted as the only truth, usually also as the only savior who will return someday. Here, too, we humans direct our gaze outwards and place our trust in a mental construct that refers to an external condition.

Our appointment with life is in the present moment. And the meeting point is right where we are right now. – Buddha..!!

But with the return of Jesus Christ, as has already been mentioned several times, is the return of the Christ Consciousness meaning an extremely high-frequency state of consciousness in which unconditional love, peace, balance, truth, abundance and, above all, basic creative knowledge is present. That a corresponding state of consciousness will reach the collective is announced for the current age. Well, what I'm getting at is that such a state of consciousness or the legitimacy of corresponding values ​​can be experienced again in ourselves. It is important that we trust ourselves and understand that not Jesus Christ, but we ourselves (can) represent the "redemption" and that happens by legitimizing values ​​or knowledge in our spirit again, which is the core of Christ (unconditional love, wisdom, abundance, etc.). If Christ is to be the way, then this conceptual approach can be related to the Christ consciousness, because the way of every human being, no matter how rocky it may be, will eventually reach this point over incarnations. What sets us free at the end of the day, apart from previous polaritarian experiences (shadow and light) that are of utmost importance to our development, is love. And since love is ultimately the backbone of such a liberated state of consciousness (Of course, there are more aspects that go along with this deeply rooted love), one can also conditionally say that his way or that of Christ, or more precisely expressed the Christ consciousness, represents the truth or the way.

The mind is everything - what you think you become. - Buddha..!! 

Well, finally, I would like to emphasize again that this article and all the written words, which have arisen from my mental imagination, only correspond to my truth, my beliefs, my convictions and my current inner space. It is an expression of my reality, i.e. my inner truth, and it also demonstrates in a simple way that we all create and experience our individual truth or our individual space, life itself. Likewise, your reactions, your intentions and your thoughts on this article, no matter how different or even consistent they may be, will correspond to your completely individual creative expression or your inner truth, your life, your space, your path and your reality. Because we are all life and represent creation itself, no matter how differently it may express itself. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 🙂 

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