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As I have often mentioned on my blog, due to a current planetary transformation, a phase is taking place in which humanity, across the board, frees itself from its own profound programming or conditioning. This process can be accompanied by countless frictions, because the confrontation with one's own programs/inner conflicts, especially if these are consciously accepted/recognized, can sometimes be very serious.

The rooting of your own inner conflicts

ConditioningUltimately, there are reasons for this, because these conditionings have not only been rooted in our own spirit for a few years, but these energetic loads have been anchored in our own energetic framework for thousands of years, i.e. for countless incarnations. At the end of the day, this is also one of the reasons why many people find it so difficult to free themselves from such structures. For countless incarnations (or for countless lifetimes), various karmic entanglements/shadowy parts have been present in our mind/body/soul system and consequently have a decisive influence on our own existential expression. In this context, it is also important to understand that our own disharmonious programming, which we do not clear up in one incarnation, flows back into a coming incarnation. Energy or rather energetic attachments, which represent an aspect of our own reality, do not simply dissolve at the end of the day, they remain until we cleanse them in an incarnation. Nevertheless, in the current time of spiritual change we are experiencing a massive acceleration, which prompts us to permanently immerse ourselves in a balanced, high-frequency state of consciousness, i.e. there are optimal conditions to solve our own inner conflicts. However, the fact that this process is anything but easy and that the corresponding programming works again and again, even if we are convinced that we would have rewritten these programs after all, is in no way unusual. Rather, we should keep in mind that these programs are very deeply rooted in our own minds due to countless lifetimes and therefore it takes time to detach from them.

Changing the world is not your job. Changing yourself is not your job. Awakening to your true nature is your opportunity. – Mooji..!!

Ultimately, we should not despair or blame ourselves, no matter how painful some moments may be or how often we fall back into old rhythms or experience old conditioning. It's just all processes that run in the background and it's in no way reprehensible if we go through the same circumstances again. Gratitude is therefore a key keyword, because if we are grateful to have been incarnated at a time when we have the opportunity to initiate fundamental changes and detachments, then we look at the corresponding circumstances from a completely different and, above all, inspiring perspective out of here. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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