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Our own human organism is a complex and, above all, intelligent system that not only can withstand countless serious stresses over the years, but also automatically draws our attention to its current condition again and again. As a product of our own mind, because the current state of our body became unique and Formed solely by our own work, we are able to completely change its structure. In fact, just by changing our own mental alignment, we can completely change its entire biochemistry.

spirit rules over matter

spirit rules over matterFor this reason, it is often said that spirit rules over matter. Ultimately, this sentence is 100% correct. Aside from the fact that you could take countless examples of this, on the one hand, every product created was first thought up by someone, i.e. it was first born in the spirit before it was then manifested on a material level, so there is hardly a more interesting one Instance as one's own organism, which in turn demonstrates this principle to us in an impressive way every day. His state is also closely linked to our own mental state. The more stress and conflicts prevail in our own mind, the more stressful the influence on our entire cell environment becomes. On an energetic level, we charge ourselves with heavy energies, which means that our natural flow comes to a standstill and, as a result, our organs or corresponding physical areas can be supplied with less energy. On the other hand, negative thoughts, such as deep fears, anger or all emotional states that make us fall out of our own center ensure that countless stress hormones are released. As a result, our cells react to this energetic and material stress and become more acidic (acidic cell environment), the oxygen saturation decreases, inflammation develops as well as deficiencies. For this reason, the cause of every illness is always in one's own spirit or inner conflicts/mental wounds are usually the triggers for illnesses. The illness itself, as a direct result of an imbalanced mind, then just wants to alert us that something is wrong with us.

Direct Heals

The divine healing streamWell, for this reason, all diseases are curable. Mainly, in which we can release corresponding inner burdens and, at the same time, revive a new self-image, essentially a more healing, relaxed and, above all, clarified self-image. And in most cases, such a better self-image also results in a change in our own lifestyle. If necessary, we discard bad habits or we start eating more naturally, going into the forest more. Just one new positive shift within our minds can create whole new positive storylines. Well then, regardless of all these possibilities for healing one's own illnesses, there is also a very valuable healing possibility, namely spontaneous healing or even supposed miracle healing. As far as that is concerned, the example of Bruno Gröning immediately comes to mind. In this context, Bruno Gröning was a spiritual healer who in the last century healed countless people completely within a few moments or freed them from extreme suffering.

The divine healing stream

He himself said that he was working with the help of God, to be precise, that he only sent people the everlasting divine salvation stream. He himself also said that a pure heart and above all his deep faith in God would favor this flow. Some people themselves described the presence of the Heilstrom as an extremely pleasant or rather fulfilling/healing feeling. Well, I myself am also completely convinced that we as creators can bring about any state immediately. In the same way, it is also possible that we can suddenly immerse ourselves in a state of complete contentment and bliss. Basically everything is possible and the divine healing current that Bruno spoke of is also an energy quality that we can all step into, i.e. a frequency in which all burdens are healed immediately, I have no doubts about that for a second. By working on ourselves and by surrendering to life itself, by completely expanding/opening our hearts, along with shedding all grudges and all negative thought structures, it will certainly be possible for us to truly heal EVERYTHING, to transform EVERYTHING . Personally, I must also say that I know moments of spontaneous strong joy. Maybe one of you will find yourself in it too. For example, you sit in your own four walls, suspect nothing and all of a sudden you feel very happy. Somehow my feeling tells me that this is already a form of the Heilstrom, because after all, what is more healing than feeling pure joy/pure happiness. Well and for some reason it was a personal concern of mine to write an article about it and to inspire you with it. The world is changing completely and more and more is becoming possible and tangible for us. We are capable of working miracles and we should regain or revive this ability. It is time to manifest eternal bliss and end the spiral of density. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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