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As I have often mentioned in my articles, humanity has been going through a phase in which it is developing massively mentally and spiritually for several years. Very special cosmic circumstances are responsible for this transformation process. We humans therefore experience a tremendous further development of our own state of consciousness and permeate with our own spirit an illusory world built around our minds.

The current collective advancement

The current collective advancementThis transformation process has meanwhile taken on enormous proportions. Of course, not everyone can identify with this process or even find themselves in it. So there are still people who have absolutely no interest in exploring their own origins (spiritual interest) or in questioning the system. These people accept what is served to them and usually defame/criticize fellow human beings, who in turn pursue enlightenment, work for a free world and see through the true background of the warlike planetary circumstances. Of course, this is also absolutely legitimate and everyone is allowed to think what they want. There is no linear development in this process of spiritual awakening, but each person needs their own individual time and develops at their own pace. Each person follows their own unique path and the change in their own beliefs, convictions and world views happens over time. There are people (albeit few) who have been dealing with the relevant topics for 20 years, others have only been dealing with them for 4-6 years (beginning of the apocalyptic years, apocalypse = unveiling, revelation, unveiling) and others may only become aware of them in deal with the topics for a few months or years. Everything comes at its time, or better said, when it's supposed to be. Nevertheless, one thing is certain and that is that this current transformation process is becoming ever larger and is 100% unstoppable and unavoidable. The truth will spread more and more and at the end of the day revolutionize the world, it cannot be otherwise, everything speaks for it, the planetary circumstance will also change 100% completely (golden age). Heiko Schrang from sees it similarly power-controls-knowledge.de, who deals with this topic in his latest video. He explains why he believes the change is unstoppable and how he thinks things will continue in the coming months.

The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent - and that is power because they control the minds of the masses. - Malcolm X..!!

In exactly the same way, he also goes into the downfall of various mass media and shows examples that clearly illustrate why the one-sided and disinformative reporting is encountering more and more resistance. Likewise, he also says that peaceful demonstrations (simply put, demonstrations against the NWO) can no longer be so destabilized simply because we have become too many. In this context, governments and secret services like to use counter-demonstrators to escalate peaceful/system-critical demonstrations. So-called informants, for example, throw stones into the crowd and cause unrest (a topic that I already covered on my blog a few years ago).

The current change in the world is unstoppable and more and more people will become aware of it in the coming weeks, months and years. This tremendous process is unstoppable..!!

In the system media, this escalation is then blamed on the peaceful demonstrators and it is shown how dangerous these people would be, that they were right-wing populists or even citizens of the Reich. Well then, all these topics are addressed in his latest video and since Heiko is someone who can explain such topics very well and clearly, I have linked the video below for you. I can therefore only recommend it to you. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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