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reincarnation cycle

What exactly happens when death occurs? Does death even exist and if so, where do we find ourselves again when our physical shells decay and our immaterial structures leave our physical bodies? Some people are convinced that even after life you enter something called nothing. A place where nothing exists and you no longer have any meaning. Some others believe in a principle of hell and heaven. The people who have achieved good things in life Paradise occur and that people who had rather evil intentions end up in a dark, painful place. However, a large part of humanity believes in a reincarnation cycle (over 50% of the world's population, the largest proportion of which can be found in Far Eastern lands), that one is reborn after death in order to be able to get to know the game of duality again, in order to be based on to be able to break this cycle.

The reincarnation cycle

reincarnationWhat has accompanied us humans since time immemorial and is an integral part of life is the reincarnation cycle. This cycle means rebirth, a life after death that leads to us being reborn due to various factors. This process has been taking place for hundreds of thousands of years and causes us humans to be reborn again and again. But what actually happens when death occurs and why are we always reborn. Well, there are good reasons for that, but I'll start at the very beginning. Man is basically an energetic matrix, an intangible expression of an elaborate creation. We humans have a consciousness with the help of which we can permanently create and even question life. Thanks to our consciousness and the thought processes that arise from it, we create our own reality and are creators of our own lives. We consist of consciousness and are surrounded by consciousness, ultimately all material and immaterial states are only an expression of consciousness. Nevertheless, we are not our consciousness, even if one likes to identify with it, especially in the process of awakening. Basically, we humans are much more the soul, an energetically light aspect that good things lie dormant in every human being and are just waiting to be lived again. The true essence of a human being that is deeply anchored in the material shell of every being. With the help of our soul, we use consciousness as a tool to create and experience life.

The energetically dense aspect of a person!!

The only thing that prevents us from creating a completely harmonious and peaceful reality is the egoistic mind that always leads us to believe in an illusory world and shows us a dualitarian world every day. The ego is the energetically dense aspect of a person, the part that makes you go through life judging and keeps you trapped in lower thoughts and behavior patterns. The ego is also responsible for the fact that we humans allow ourselves to be trapped in the reincarnation cycle, but more on that later.

The arrival of death

The arrival of deathAs soon as a person's physical dress falls apart and "death" occurs, we humans completely change our own frequency. Our physicality wastes away and our soul then leaves the body, then begins to vibrate at a different frequency (Everything in existence consists of consciousness which has the aspect of consisting of energetic states which in turn vibrate at frequencies). For this reason, "death" is also just a frequency change. Our soul then enters the hereafter together with its accumulated experiences or moralities. The afterlife is the counterpart to this world (The principle of polarity) and seen in this way represents a completely immaterial level. The afterlife also has nothing to do with classic religious views. It is much more of a purely energetic, peaceful place in which our souls are integrated in order to be able to plan the next life. The afterlife is divided into different energetically dense and light levels (the higher the brighter and the deeper the denser). The classification into these levels depends on various factors that can be traced back to this world. Your own spiritual/mental and mental development is responsible for the classification. For example, a person who was very evil and caused a lot of suffering is classified into energetically denser levels, which is due to the energetic density produced in this world. Someone who has produced a lot of negativity/energetic density takes this created energy with them into the afterlife.

The energetic classification!!

Conversely, people who were mentally and emotionally very well developed place themselves in energetic, lighter levels of the hereafter. The denser the level in which one is classified, the faster one reincarnates again. This mechanism was constructed in such a way that such souls or people are more likely to have the chance to develop further spiritually. However, souls that are classified in energetically lighter levels stay there longer and are subject to a longer period of time until rebirth occurs.

The soul plan

Master of your own incarnationAs soon as a soul has classified itself in a corresponding level, a time begins in which the soul creates a so-called soul plan. All experiences that one would like to experience in the next life are integrated into this plan. Determine encounters with people (dual souls), place of birth, family, goals, illnesses, all of these are things that are predefined in advance, even if they do not always have to happen 1:1. Sometimes painful experiences are also pre-defined, experiences resulting from past unresolved karma. For example, if you were very depressed in one life due to certain circumstances and took this depression with you to your grave, then there is a high probability that you will take this depression with you into the next life. This happens so that we are offered the opportunity to dissolve this self-imposed karma again in the next life. After a certain period of time, the souls reincarnate again. You incarnate again into a physical body and are subject to the dualitarian game of life again with the aim of finally being able to end this process. But it's a long process until you manage to break your own reincarnation cycle again. This usually takes hundreds of thousands of years. During this time you live on this planet countless times and, from a moral and spiritual point of view, you continue to develop a little bit further until you reach the end at some point and no longer have to be reborn. But this can only be achieved if you become the master of your own incarnation. When you manage to forego everything that blinds and poisons your mind, when you have reached a certain level of spiritual and mental development and thereby regain complete immortality.

The completion of the reincarnation cycle!!

Of course, this also requires the complete dissolution of one's own egoistic mind, because only in this way is it possible to act 100% from one's own mental mind, only in this way is it possible to manifest love again on all levels of one's own reality. I also know exactly how to break the reincarnation cycle and become the master of your own incarnation in this article explained. In any case, there is a long way to go to break this cycle again, but every single person on our planet will succeed in this mastery sooner or later, of that there is no doubt. In this way you stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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