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In today's world, belief in God or even the knowledge of one's own divine ground is something that has experienced a reversal at least in the last 10-20 years (the situation is currently changing). So our society was increasingly shaped by science (more mind-oriented) and rejected as a result, a corresponding world view shaped by God. This development was particularly evident in the western world.

Who or what is God?

Our divine existenceWe humans have allowed ourselves to be shaped more and more by science and as a result have paid much more attention to our analytical/mind-oriented abilities. Our heart or our spiritual abilities were almost completely ignored and everything that seemed inexplicable, mystical, spiritual or even mysterious to us was viewed with a cool mind and gladly dismissed as "coincidence" (of course there is no coincidence, a lot there is a principle of cause and effect that governs everything). As a result, some people lost a certain fascination for supposedly inexplicable events, or better said, they lost the feeling that there could be a lot more to life than was previously assumed, that there may be levels that simply elude our perception at the moment (we believed in what you saw). Well, in the end it was the same for me and for many years of my life I was in an atheistic mood and didn't believe in God or any hidden worlds. The first drink from the cup of science made me incredulous, until an evening came that changed everything, an evening when I felt that there was much more to life (I felt a connection with everything that exists). At the bottom of the cup, God was waiting for me, even though I saw God and everything that went with it in a different way. In the current age of change (spiritual awakening), humanity is experiencing a massive shift in its own state of consciousness. We become significantly more spiritual and get a completely new fundamental understanding of God and the world itself. Not only the existing system is questioned, but also the meaning of one's own life and the existence of God (the exploration of one's own being).

In the current Age of Aquarius, the collective state of consciousness is experiencing a massive increase/expansion, which not only makes us humans more sensitive, but also gives us a completely new basic understanding of life and its background..!!

Due to an increased sensitivity, more and more people recognize what God is really all about. You understand again that there is a source, i.e. a divine ground, which has always existed and from which all of life has arisen (nothing can arise from nothing - therefore something must always have existed).

you are the source

you are the sourceThis inexhaustible source, often described as an energetic web, is Creator Spirit. Consciousness is an instance from which life emerges, just as our entire life is a product of our own creative spirit, a consequence of thoughts that we have legitimized in our own minds, decisions we have made, living conditions that we have created. One comes to the realization that God as the basis of life is reflected in everything and is also expressed in everything. Whether we humans ourselves, nature or even universes (we represent complex universes ourselves), everything in existence is an expression of this divine ground and consequently, as a divine expression itself, represents a direct image. This divine source is in one present in every human being, with the only difference that it often goes undetected. The return or awareness of our own divine ground is therefore something that is again present on our planet due to the newly begun Age of Aquarius and the complex cosmic circumstances associated with it. One can recognize the divine again, not only in ourselves, but also in the entire outer world (which is ultimately a projection of our creative spirit). In the same way it is also possible to recognize a temporary absence of this divinity, for example in wars, murder and hateful thoughts. A supposed god is therefore not responsible for the suffering on our planet (frequent question: why does God allow all the suffering).

A supposed god is not responsible for all the misery on our planet, but the misery is much more man-made. On the one hand caused by people who have not taken responsibility for their own space and on the other hand by people who have created a system for their own godless and selfish goals by promoting this irresponsibility..!!

It is the people themselves who create this suffering, who let suffering manifest from a “dark state of consciousness”. If a human kills someone else, then a supposed outside god has nothing to do with it, because it is the human himself who, in his "divine absence" (the feeling of separation - separation from God, from abundance, from love, etc.) committed the murder. In other words, a person who is not at all aware of his divinity and therefore lives out a temporary absence.

The world is about to change

The world is about to changeThe separation from our divine ground is therefore only temporary, until it is recognized and canceled in an incarnation. And when that happens then you start to see the purpose and also the divinity in life. Whether in other people, in oneself, in nature or even in the entire creation, one understands and recognizes that everything is an expression of God (the divine primeval ground is) and that we humans also have creative powers at our disposal thanks to our direct image. We can create life (e.g. by sowing plants/seeds, having children) or destroy life through murder or disregard for wildlife and nature. We ourselves represent the space in which everything happens, we are life itself. We represent the creation and at the same time the primal ground. We are creators and create new worlds in the form of new living conditions/situations every second and all of this happens within this one moment, which has also always existed, is and will be, one could also say in the presence of life. Due to our own uniqueness and the power to create our own life, due to the ability to use our creative powers to develop completely freely, we expand our divinity in new directions. A "religion" that is therefore on the rise and will reach more people in the coming years (keyword: golden age) is love, the highest power in the universe, the most fascinating source of energy that we humans can experience as creators ourselves and the Temple will be the earth.

I believe that the only true religion is to have a good heart. – Dalai Lama..!!

We will take responsibility for our own being again, protecting and respecting nature and wildlife while supporting them in their quest to thrive. I could be wrong, but I think I can remember that this teaching of love, nature, tolerance and also respect is at the core of every religion. But the core is mostly ignored and due to a distortion of many teachings, the opposite is done and religion is used as a means to oppress us. Fears and prohibitions are imposed on us, at the same time we are told that we are small and insignificant compared to the true God, that we have to submit, that we should serve a higher power, while the whole thing is best not questioned .

To me, love and compassion represent a common, universal religion. You don't need a temple or church for it, or even necessarily a belief, if you're just trying to be a human being with a warm heart and a smile that enough. – Dalai Lama..!!

Serving/surrendering to nature is something productive. Without subordinating oneself, one devotes oneself to nature, love, freedom and peace in the world. Well then, ultimately God, peace, freedom, love, but also shadow, suffering, separation and a certain "godlessness" are products of our own creative spirit, which mostly take shape in the form of beliefs, convictions and views on life. But the realization that we ourselves are the source from which life arises, that we are powerful and that we experience our external, perceptible world as an aspect of our own inner state, will change the world significantly in the next few years. At this point it should be said again that I don't want to attack any religions in any way with this article, that's not the case, just like that I don't want to force my views on anyone or dissuade anyone from anything, quite the opposite (everyone goes completely individual path and has his own personal truth. He may and should believe in what feels right for him - live and let live, tolerance, respect and charity are the be-all and end-all). What I have written here corresponds only to my mental world. It is part of my truth or even something that I have recognized as truth for me. In that regard, I see it much more like the Buddha who said in his day: If your insight contradicts my teaching, follow your insight. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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