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For countless centuries people have been puzzling over how one could reverse one's own aging process, or whether this was even possible. A wide variety of practices have been used, practices that, as a rule, never lead to the desired results. Nevertheless, many people continue to use a wide variety of methods and try out all kinds of remedies just to be able to slow down their own aging process. Most of the time, you also strive for a certain ideal of beauty, an ideal that is sold to us by society + the media as a supposed beauty ideal. For this reason, a wide variety of creams, tablets and other products are advertised with all their might, so that profit is made from supposed problems that we allow to be transported into our heads. Ultimately, some people end up spending money again and again on products that ultimately have no benefit to them.

The limitless power of your state of consciousness

The limitless power of your state of consciousnessEverything would be so much easier. The answers to slowing down your own aging process, the answers to perfect health and beauty cannot be found on the outside, but rather within us. In this context, one can also slow down one's own aging process, just as one can heal any disease. Such a project doesn't work with supposed tablets or creams - which supposedly make us appear younger, but everything happens in two ways. On the one hand about our thoughts and on the other hand about the resulting nutrition. As mentioned many times in my articles, everything in existence is just a mental/spiritual expression. Our entire life, all our living conditions as well as our current physical state, are therefore merely products of our own mind. All the thoughts + emotions we have ever legitimized in our own minds, all the actions we have ever committed in our lives and all that we have ever fed ourselves add up to a sum that is responsible for our current creative expression. We humans are just the sum of all our thoughts, emotions and actions. In this context, it is also important to understand that our own thoughts have a massive influence on our physique + our own physical constitution. Positive thoughts of any kind, for example thoughts based on harmony, peace and, above all, love, increase our own vibration frequency, bring us into balance and promote an improvement in our own health.

All our thoughts and emotions flow into our own body and influence our own health + our own external appearance..!!

Negative thoughts of any kind, for example various stress, fears or even thoughts of anger, in turn reduce our own vibration frequency, limit our own mental abilities, ensure that we become more destructive overall and this in turn has a very strong effect on our own physical ones and psychological constitution. The more stress, fears and overall negative thoughts we have about this, the more we lower our own vibration frequency and harm our own health, cloud our own state of consciousness and accelerate our own aging process.

Our own aging process is very much linked to our own mental spectrum. The more positive our own mind is in this regard, the more positive this will have on our own aging process..!! 

Our own charisma then suffers massively from our own negativity, which you can see in a person or you can simply feel it. For this reason, our own aging process is also closely rooted in our own thoughts. The more positive thoughts we legitimize in our own minds, the more this inspires our own external appearance and makes us look younger.

Our own minds cannot age

Our own minds cannot ageAnother factor in slowing down our own aging process would be to realign our own beliefs and convictions. This is also linked to the knowledge of our own mind, the knowledge that our own thoughts and our own aging process can also slow down or even reverse it. If we are convinced that we are getting older every year, then this also happens, because this belief, which is only a product of our own mind, then keeps our own aging process alive. On the other hand, negative beliefs also accelerate our own aging process, as they permanently reduce our own vibration frequency and make us more destructive. Otherwise, it is also important to know that at the end of the day our own mind has no corresponding age. Our consciousness cannot grow older and is not subject to space-time or duality. It's like our thoughts, in which, as we know, no space-time exists, which is why you can imagine anything you want without being limited in your own imagination. You could imagine a scenario that you could expand forever without having to be subject to spatial or time limitations. Our own aging process is simply a product of our own “ageless” state of consciousness and is only maintained or even accelerated by this state (through negative thoughts, beliefs and an energetically dense diet). This brings us to our next point, which is our diet. Aside from our mind, illnesses, physical contamination or even accelerated aging can also be traced back to our diet.

Our diet is partly responsible for our own aging process. The more unnaturally we eat in this context, the more it accelerates our own aging process!!

Energetically dense foods or foods that have a low vibration frequency accelerate our own aging process and also accelerate physical decline. The everyday poisons that we ingest make us sick, dependent, reduce our own vibration frequency and promote the development of diseases. Ultimately, they permanently weaken our own immune system and damage our own cell environment, as our own “energetic/spiritual body” then passes its impurities onto the physical body, which then has to work much harder to balance out these self-created impurities. As far as their own diet is concerned, there are, for example, countless examples of women who have been completely on refined sugar + sweets etc. for decades. and then looked 70 years younger when they were older, for example at 25. Your secret, natural nutrition + resulting/more pronounced body awareness + more positive spectrum of thoughts

With a natural/alkaline diet you can not only reverse your own aging process, but also cure all diseases..!! 

In exactly the same way, all addictions block our own aging process, since every addiction, be it a dependency on food, drugs or other addictive substances, or even on life partners/living circumstances, dominates our own mind and subsequently creates strong stress/low frequencies. Only when we can satisfy our addictions do we experience a feeling of calm until the addiction game starts again. In this context, even morning coffee represents an addiction that can slow down one's aging process, as it is an addictive substance that one cannot do without, an action that dominates our own mind on a daily basis.

Addictions and dependencies of all kinds dominate our own minds, reduce our own vibration frequency and, as a result, accelerate our own aging process..!!

If you get up in the morning and can't do without coffee, if this triggers a feeling of restlessness in you and as a result you only feel fresh when you get the coffee, then you know that this behavior can be traced back to thoughts that dominate your own mind. One is then not the master of one's own thoughts and must succumb to them. Basically, these are also the essential points that slow down your own aging process: “Negative thoughts/low frequencies, all addictions/dependencies, negative beliefs/beliefs, lack of knowledge about your own aging process/your own mind + an unnatural/energetic density Nutrition. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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