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The stormy year 2016, a year full of fateful encounters and inner transformation processes is over. Admittedly, 2016 was a key year and, due to the extremely high level of cosmic radiation, made our inner imbalance painfully clear to us. Many people were confronted with their own shadow parts and were asked by the cosmos to deal with these parts. In order to complete the process of becoming whole and healing your own inner imbalance, it is absolutely necessary to go through your own negative aspects in order to then be able to accept and transform them. As a result, we ultimately reject everything that does not correspond to our own vibration frequency and become ready for new times, events, actions and life situations.

The year 2016 – transition into a new era?!

year-2016-stormyFor this reason, the year 2016 was very difficult for many people, because confronting their own shadow parts that were deeply anchored in the subconscious required a lot of courage and strength. For this reason, there were a lot of breakups this year. Be it the separation from existing workplace situations, from sustainable relationships, complicated life situations or even the separation of one's own behavior, separations externally and internally have been initiated several times. Nevertheless, this year, this time, was of the utmost importance, because ultimately the drastic increase in the planetary vibration frequency paved new paths for us humans. We were prepared for new life situations and experienced greater integration of our own mental aspects. This is exactly how I experienced drastic changes in 2016. For me personally, this year was one of the most difficult years of my entire life and especially at the beginning of the year I suffered from deep depression due to a separation (a separation that was ultimately just my own lack of self-love revealed, reflected this back to me).

The year 2016 – intensive preparation for new living conditions

Nevertheless, this circumstance changed towards the end of the year and I was able to stand in the strength of my self-love again. In my opinion, 2016 was an intensive preparation for the coming years.

The current cosmic irradiation is continuously increasing..!!

Currently reaching the cosmic cycle New dimensions keep coming and the collective state of consciousness is literally shaken up from month to month. The cosmic radiation is continuously increasing and we can expect further dramatic frequency increases this year (2017).

The year 2017 – The sun as the annual ruler

the sunThe year 2017 will continue many drastic changes that began in 2016 and will be responsible for more and more people CONSCIOUSLY finding themselves in the process of spiritual awakening. Many people are now aware of the current planetary circumstances. These people know exactly what is really going on on our planet, why the chaotic, warlike situation is the way it is. Why we humans are exclusively human capital for elite families, who really runs the world and pulls the strings behind the scenes. This is exactly how more and more people are coming to terms with their true existential roots. The immaterial universe is being studied more and more so that one's own consciousness or the special ability to be able to shape one's own reality as desired is recognized. The increase has been so enormous in recent years, especially in 2016, that it can be assumed that this increase will continue in 2017. Ultimately, this would just be a logical consequence of the cosmic cycle, an essential cycle that begins anew every 26000 years and then initiates a quantum leap into awakening that takes place over years. In this regard, a planetary ruler is also assigned each year. In this context, the year 2017 is connected to the planetary ruler Sun. The sun therefore represents the year 2017. The sun stands for joy of life, self-confidence, strength, creation, vitality and a strong power of manifestation. For this reason, we humans can achieve a lot, especially this year.

The year 2017 paves the way for the realization of your own spiritual desires..!!

Especially when it comes to our own calling, we are now in a position to be able to realize our own spiritual desires. Ask yourself what you have always wanted to achieve in your life?! Ask yourself what corresponds to your innermost heart's desires?! These spiritual wishes can be perfectly put into practice, especially this year.

Never doubt your BEING, your own existential foundation..!!

In this regard, never doubt your own creative potential. Based on your own mental basis, you can act independently at any time. You can choose for yourself which thought you legitimize in your own mind, which thought you realize on a material level. This potential for manifestation lies dormant in the shell of every person and can be developed completely freely again with the appropriate spiritual connection.

Will there be a third world war?!

chaos wallpaperThere are currently a lot of upheavals taking place at the political level. Since certain elite families are striving for a world government and will stop at nothing in this regard (see fake attacks of the last decades - false flag actions - Libya/Iraq/Afghanistan/JFK/9-11/etc.) I instinctively assume that this is precisely the case There will be an increase in “terrorist attacks” this year (especially in Europe/Germany). The plan to divide the European peoples, especially Germany, is increasingly being implemented by the financial elite. In my opinion, the elites (Rothschilds & Co.) will do everything they can to achieve their personal goals. Whether this will lead to a third world war remains to be seen. Such a scenario would definitely be possible. After all, everything is being done to contain the collective consciousness. If you are afraid of that, definitely not! Fears of any kind are only products of our own egoistic minds and ultimately serve our own spiritual development. For this reason, we should use 2017 to get back into harmony with our true human nature. The New Year (2017) is perfect for coming to terms with yourself.

The realization of your own heart's desires is now strengthened..!!

We are now in a position to be able to realize our own heart's desires on every level of existence and for this reason we should not let this mental potential go unused and instead strive for a reality in which our inner peace massively enriches our own mental spectrum. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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