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It's no longer unusual that our weather sometimes goes crazy. Soo have been reaching Germany in particular for a number of years, since 2017 there has been an increase in hurricanes (storm gusts), storms, rainy days, floods and other weather phenomena that are rather atypical in this regularity. There were even a few tornado warnings last year, which is extremely strange, I mean tornadoes in Germany?!

Storm depression "Friederike" reaches Germany

Stormy circumstance - purification processAs explained in some of my recent articles regarding atypical weather conditions, there are various factors that are responsible for this circumstance. Some of these factors are due to natural circumstances, while others are due to unnatural (man-made) circumstances. On the one hand, a wide variety of institutions are massively intervening in the weather. All of this is happening under the guise of geoengineering, which, according to the official site, means intentional large-scale interventions with technical means in the geochemical or biogeochemical cycles of the earth. There are massive Haarp (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) plants that are said to be firing frequency waves into our Earth's atmosphere to explore the ionosphere, not only unleashing major storms, but also artificially generating earthquakes. On the other hand, there are also chemtrails that often spread across the sky to form large chemical clouds that reduce solar radiation and dampen our state of consciousness. All these methods of weather manipulation are neither fiction nor conspiracy theory (The Truth Behind the Word “Conspiracy Theory” (Mass Conditioning – Language as a Weapon), but it is a reality that is recognized by more and more people (The appearance is penetrated with the help of one's own mind - increasingly truth-oriented thinking).

For several decades, our weather has been altered on a large scale. Not only earthquakes are artificially generated, but also countless storms and floods..!!

Ultimately, therefore, many natural disasters, i.e. storms, floods and earthquakes are of an artificial nature. The major earthquake recently in Mexico or the hurricanes Irma and co., which caused a lot of attention last year, were such man-made or machine-made storms (countless indications spoke for it, many voices were raised and explained exactly how and why these storms were artificially created).

A tremendous cleaning process

A tremendous cleaning processNevertheless, there are also other, natural causes for such strange weather conditions, namely a tremendous cleaning process is taking place on our planet. In particular, for some years now, due to very special cosmic circumstances, a great change has been taking place, which is largely responsible for the further development of the collective state of consciousness. This dissolves everything that is of a lower nature or based on low frequency circumstances. Everything that is not in harmony with nature, everything that is based on disinformation and lies, on negative thoughts and above all on disharmonious states, is gradually redeemed, whereby a New Earth and also a new, spiritual ( spiritually) significantly more developed human civilization arises. Our mother earth is constantly increasing her frequency and therefore indirectly asks us humans to do the same. But we cannot dwell in a high frequency when we are continually living a life that goes against nature, that is, a life in which we are trapped and suffering in self-imposed vicious cycles. For this reason we are increasingly confronted with our own self-created discrepancies in order to be able to create a state of consciousness that is characterized by love, harmony and peace. Our earth is therefore cleansing itself, freeing itself from a low frequency circumstance, one could also say that "our planet" is detaching/cleansing itself from all the mischief that humanity has done to it and that is, as everyone should be aware, some.

Due to a tremendous cleansing process, which in turn equates to or accompanies a collective awakening, more and more people are penetrating an illusion that has been constructed around their minds. In doing so, we break down all our self-created barriers and begin to live a life that is increasingly in harmony with nature..!!

The current storms or rather the current crazy weather circumstance is therefore due to two main factors, on the one hand weather manipulation on the part of the power pullers and on the other hand the cleaning process of the earth. Ultimately, one should therefore understand that a storm, such as the current "Friederike", does not simply arise for no reason, or has no major significance at all and would just be another storm. There are so many different processes going on in the background and there are countless important reasons why the weather is going so crazy right now. I mean, this month I've seen 3 thunderstorms, a couple of hailstorms (some of which were loud enough to wake me up in the middle of the night - just a few days ago) and now the storm. It can hardly be more atypical and, above all, more conspicuous.

The pollution of the planet is just the reflection on the outside of a psychic pollution on the inside, a mirror for the millions of unconscious people who don't take responsibility for their inner space..!!

Nevertheless, we should of course not complain about such a circumstance or even blame the string pullers for it, because such blaming leads to nothing (in this article I only want to draw attention to facts), but we ourselves should much more take back this enormous Connecting the purification process and embodying what we wish for the world should unfold peace in our hearts again and create a life that is accompanied by harmony, love, peace and tolerance. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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