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energy surge

For a few weeks now, humanity has been experiencing a drastic increase in energy levels. The energetic movements are very strong in this context and stir up a lot of things within us, allowing some unresolved conflicts to arise, which in turn can be traced back to a self-created emotional and spiritual imbalance. This rapid acceleration is once again forcing us to deal even more closely with our own problems. Ultimately, we can only create space for positive things by letting go of our own past problems, by going back into ourselves and working through our own traumas and other mental conflicts. Only through this procedure will it be possible for us to remain permanently in a high vibration.

Strong inner change

Strong inner changeYou can currently feel this strong energetic change on all levels of existence, especially for some people their own psyche is currently being put to the test. This is how these strong energies reached the state of consciousness of my friend, who suffered a circulatory collapse on Friday as a result of a panic attack, which was ultimately so dramatic that the ambulance had to be called. I also had an oppressive feeling for days afterwards and asked myself whether something like that could happen to me. It should also be mentioned at this point that she was awake all night because of a move that day. Since our own sleep rhythm is completely out of control again, this circumstance naturally also played a role. In addition, there were various addictions (tobacco) + an unhealthy lifestyle, which made this situation worse. The whole thing, coupled with the strong cosmic radiation, naturally intensified the whole thing and so a mirror was held in front of our eyes, especially her on that day. The high energies automatically allow deep-seated fears and other inconsistencies to slide into our daily consciousness. Everything that still burdens our own minds in this context, all the inconsistencies, things that we can't let go of, an unhealthy lifestyle, all of this is often pointed out to us in a harsh way on days like this. Ultimately, this serves as a mirror of our own inner state.

Everything that happens to us every day ultimately serves as a mirror of our own inner state. Negative events serve as a mirror that shows us that something is wrong with our own mind, a mirror that shows us our own lack of psychological identification..!!

In this way, the universe shows us that we need to change something in our lifestyle, that it is time to start a life that is free from all addictions, negative thoughts and other inner conflicts. Time is of the essence and we are currently being asked more than ever to bring our own mind/body/spirit system into harmony.

Self-created mental problems

Summer solsticeOur self-imposed burdens burden our own minds every day and, especially on strong energetic days, cause us to struggle with so-called “ascension symptoms.” Ultimately, these symptoms, for example depressive moods, concentration problems, fatigue, body aches and anxiety attacks, are also related to our own ego (selfish, materially oriented mind). Our ego clings tightly to our own mind due to the high energies. It prevents the creation of a positive space and continues to try to keep us trapped in rigid, habitual patterns of life. Nevertheless, an impressive transformation is currently taking place, which, firstly, is unavoidable and, secondly, will transport us into a new consciousness, a consciousness based on harmony. It is now more important than ever that we jump over our own shadows and begin to transform any self-imposed burdens that still burden our own minds. This usually happens through clarification with ourselves and our own social environment and, above all, our diet. It is extremely important that we eat as naturally as possible. Omitting refined sugar, glutamate, aspartame and co. of finished products, of foods enriched with chemical additives, of soft drinks and, above all, of meat, not only strengthens our own psyche, but it also inspires our own spirit as a whole, strengthens our own willpower and brings our own psychological constitution into shape . So I can especially recommend abstaining from meat to all of you. For years, the food industry has been carrying out massive propaganda in this regard, falsifying studies and trying to portray meat in a positive light. But more and more people understand that meat and the animal proteins and fats it contains have an extremely negative influence on us as humans. They are associated with many diseases of civilization.

The German biochemist Otto Warburg found out in his time that no disease can exist, let alone develop, in an alkaline and, above all, oxygen-rich cell environment..!!

Animal proteins also contain acid-forming amino acids, which deteriorate/acidify our own cell environment and, as a result, promote diseases (no disease can exist, let alone develop, in an alkaline and oxygen-rich cell environment). On the other hand, meat in particular can cause anxiety attacks and the like. because animals that are slaughtered absorb the information of fear into their own tissue. And now you have to ask yourself the question of what happened to the animals that we consume every day during breeding. Whether salami, ham sausage, liver sausage, steaks, bratwursts and co. All of these products usually come from factory farms where the animals are/were kept in terrible conditions.

When eating meat, people absorb all the information that can be traced back to the animal's emotional state during breeding into their own organism..!! 

People take in all this negative information when they consume it, which in turn has fatal effects on their own organism, especially their own psyche. As for me personally, I haven't eaten meat for a few weeks for exactly these reasons, which has also greatly improved my own well-being. At this point I would also like to mention that this is not intended to be a sermon, I do not want to tell anyone how to live. Every person is allowed to eat whatever they want and should find out for themselves what is good for them and what is not. I would like to draw attention solely to the negative effects.

Summer solstice

Well, the next few days will be stronger again in terms of energies. So the summer solstice will reach us on June 21st (an event in which our sun in the northern hemisphere of the earth reaches its highest position above the horizon). During this time, the sun shines on the earth with full force and for this reason, in many earlier cultures, the day of the summer solstice was viewed as a mystical event. As far as we personally are concerned, this constellation allows us to recharge our batteries and develop a stronger drive for action. We can harness the potential of this shift and attract more success, happiness, love and harmony into our own lives. The conditions will be better than ever in the next few days and for this reason we should celebrate the event and welcome the coming days. It now depends on us whether we want to continue to put up with negative thoughts, whether we continue to create a life that in turn arises from a negative mind, or whether we finally jump over our own shadow and create a positive life, a life , in which our soul or our own spiritual desires and ambitions are in harmony with our own actions. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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