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magic phase

In the current age of awakening, we repeatedly reach very special, sometimes very intense phases that are very beneficial to our own mental and spiritual development. Such phases are usually accompanied by strong planetary frequency increases, giving us some unredeemed ones inner conflicts and precarious living conditions are kept in mind. Purification and transformation are then in the foreground.

A magical phase

A magical phaseIn the last few days and weeks, to be honest even felt like a week, it seems to me that we are in such a phase. Apart from the fact that the values ​​​​regarding the planetary resonance frequency are currently fluctuating strongly - i.e. we now had days when strong impulses reached us and we had days when things were very quiet again, I was able to make many changes in my life notice. Above all, inner attitudes, everyday rhythms and behavior were completely rethought and gradually changed by me (of course I'm still in the middle of this process of change). On the one hand, I was able to greatly improve my sleeping rhythm. So until recently I went to bed every night between 04:00 a.m. and 06:00 a.m., which also left its mark on me (my health suffered badly as a result). It mostly had to do with the fact that I was still writing the daytime energy articles during the night. It was a headache for me and I gradually lost the passion of writing these articles, it just became a duty. Now, out of nowhere, I was able to keep this fact in mind and initiate important changes in this regard. The articles have therefore been given a new design. Ultimately, the articles are also much clearer as a result, secondly, they are easier to write and thirdly, I enjoy it again. I always go to bed between 00:00 a.m. and 01:00 a.m. I just do it, no ifs or buts. No matter what is still unfinished for me personally, I just lie down and it works wonderfully. On the other hand, several creative impulses reached me and I suddenly received a flood of ideas on how I could transform my life. Ultimately, this also refers to my website and the further course of my self-employment (I have many new goals in mind).

The only way to make good use of change is to fully immerse yourself in it, move with it, join the dance. – Alan Watts..!!

Otherwise, I've started to drink a lot of still water (okay, I've always liked to do that, but not in large quantities) and in the next few days I'll add OPC (I'll also write an article about it). But general nutritional and training aspects were also completely reconsidered. Every day therefore feels completely unique and I keep getting completely new influences and impulses. For these reasons, it seems to me like a very special phase that involves a lot of transformation and purification. Well then, I'm curious how things will continue in the next few weeks. Since we will receive 24 portal days in a row from May 10th, it will certainly be even more intensive in this respect. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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