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portal days

Starting tomorrow (May 24th) the time has come and due to a ten-day series of portal days, a highly energetic phase will reach us. In this context, portal days can also be traced back to the Maya (earlier high culture) and represent days when we were elevated cosmic radiation and resulting increased planetary frequency condition. Portal days are therefore usually perceived very intensively.

A high-energy phase

A high-energy phase Ultimately, they are also important interfaces in the current process of awakening. They serve our own mental and spiritual development and promote our own prosperity as a whole. Our entire state of being is also often brought before our eyes on such days. In that regard, the external perceivable world is also an immaterial (mental) projection of our own state of consciousness. Everything that we perceive and all our current feelings regarding all life situations, circumstances and events ultimately represent a projection of our own inner state. Our inner world or our inner state is projected onto the world (the world is not like that as it is, but as we ourselves are). Situations in which we feel very bad, for example because we have let negative reactions from those around us weigh us down, make us aware of our own mental imbalance. But we often dislike this reflection and do not recognize our state of being in the corresponding situation. On portal days this is completely different.

Due to their strong fundamental vibration, portal days always serve our own spiritual development. Admittedly, every day basically serves our development, but on portal days this circumstance is accelerated again..!!

In this way, we like to be shown our own inner conflicts in a direct way. Ultimately, however, this is in no way bad, because it promotes a purification or transformation process. We ourselves recognize our own shadow parts and, as a result, instinctively strive for change, if necessary we can even implement it immediately.

Ten portal days in a row

Ten portal days in a rowA frequency adjustment then takes place. Strong cosmic radiation floods our mind/body/soul system and transports all our unresolved conflicts into our daily consciousness. Space should be created for light instead of shadows. How else is our system supposed to adapt to a high frequency circumstance when it repeatedly falls into a low frequency due to inner conflicts and a disharmonious intellectual spectrum that goes with it. Portal days are therefore of great importance for our own development. Of course, these days do not necessarily have to be intense or even perceived as very strenuous. Usually this circumstance is related to our own current mental orientation and quality. Anyone who has been suppressing their own inner conflicts for weeks or even months (or has been struggling with them) would be highly likely to be confronted with these conflicts. However, if we are currently in a fairly harmonious mental mood and are working to improve our living conditions, then we would certainly be supported in the project. Our state of mind and everything that happens to us on such days is ultimately due to our own mental state, because our own reality arises from it. Well then, we are now receiving 10 portal days in a row, which means we are receiving 10 powerful days (from May 24th to June 02nd - the last series of portal days reached us in October 2017), on which we can initiate some important changes. We can draw a lot of life energy from this high-energy phase, or let it affect us. For my part, I'm definitely looking forward to this phase and I'm curious to what extent these days will be perceived and how their daily energetic quality will develop overall. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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