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Now it's that time again and we're reaching the sixth new moon this year. This new moon in Cancer heralds some drastic changes. In contrast to the past few weeks, i.e. the energetic circumstances on our planet, which were again stormy in nature, which ultimately led to some people being confronted with their own inner imbalance in a tough way, more pleasant times are now coming again towards us or times in which we can fully develop our own mental potential. Our own physical/mental/spiritual cleansing is now imminent, which will allow us to achieve a personal breakthrough and subsequently begin a new cycle.

An old cycle comes to an end, a new one begins

An old cycle comes to an end, a new one beginsOld, sustainable patterns of behavior, conditioned trains of thought, inconsistencies anchored in the subconscious or negative programming are now changing more than ever before. As mentioned in my last article on preparing for the upcoming new moon, the ego is now more than ever clinging to our own mind, intensifying our own fears and fueling intense internal conflicts. I don't want to say that our ego is responsible for these upcoming problems + karmic entanglements. After all, we humans tend to stay in our own comfort zone. We find it difficult to break out of self-created vicious cycles consisting of rigid life patterns, dependencies and other negative mental patterns. For this reason, we also like to be dominated by our own EGO mind (material mind that generates low frequencies and creates space for the negative). Ultimately, however, we only damage our own physical and mental constitution, because negative thoughts are the main cause of all illnesses. Firstly, when we legitimize negative thoughts in our own mind for an extended period of time, our own chakras spin slowed down, which leads to an overload of our own subtle body, which dumps this pollution onto our physical body, which in turn weakens our own immune system , damage to our own cell environment, our DNA favors, secondly, we are permanently in a low-frequency state of consciousness, from which a negative reality then arises (a negatively oriented mind attracts negative life circumstances, a positively oriented mind attracts positive life circumstances) and thirdly, we undermine the development of our own spiritual mind.

Our soul is jointly responsible for the generation of high vibration frequencies, for the realization of a positive life. So our soul is also often seen as our loving, kind-hearted aspect..!!

Acting from our own soul inspires our own spirit, our own body, which in turn is due to the generation of high vibration frequencies. For this reason, the soul is also often presented as the energetically dense counterpart to the ego mind. Anyone who identifies with his own spiritual mind and subsequently creates harmonious, non-judgmental, positive, dependency-free, peaceful and tolerant thoughts will also create a life that is again of a completely positive nature. One then realizes a positively aligned state of consciousness, which in turn attracts positive circumstances. Of course, I don't want to demonize one's own egoistic mind, so experiencing and living out one's own shadow parts is absolutely necessary for one's own thriving.

Powerful renewal

Powerful times are ahead of usUltimately, these negative aspects also serve our own prosperity, our own mental and spiritual development. They let us make "mistakes" or experience negative situations from which we can draw a lot of experience and lessons at the end of the day. In exactly the same way, experiences that can be traced back to our own egoistic mind also serve as a mirror and reflect our own missing spiritual + divine connection. They show us that something is wrong with our lives, that we are no longer the masters of our own intellectual spectrum and have lost our own positive connection or rather, in “shadow moments”, do not embody it. Because of this, our own ego mind is very important to our own life. In exactly the same way, we can also experience the dualistic game on this planet through this mind, can experience negative things and subsequently create a life that we wish for, a life in which we no longer want/need such negative experiences. Well then, for this reason, the coming time is solely for the development of our own spiritual mind + the acceptance/dissolution of our own spiritual mind. A powerful cycle is now beginning that will last until the next new moon in a month. Are you ready for a fresh start? Now the time has come and we can free ourselves from dependencies more easily than ever. In the end, letting go is a key word again. It is now about letting go of our own mental past or its negative moments. Only when we let go of negative past mental patterns in this context, past situations from which we still derive a great deal of suffering or even feelings of guilt, will we be able to draw positive things into our own lives, for which we are also destined.

The realization of a positive space is now possible when we draw strength from the present and align our own state of consciousness to the positive, otherwise we stay permanently in a self-created, negative space..!!

Only in this way is it possible to create space for a positive life again, otherwise we will always draw suffering from our own mental past (past and future exist exclusively in our thoughts, that where we are always is the present, the now , an eternally expansive moment that has always been, is, and always will be). This entire cleaning process is even firstly supported by the sun as the astrological annual ruler and secondly, it also emerges from the summer solstice, which overtook us a few days ago. Because of this, we now have the chance to fully develop our own potential. Therefore use the power of tomorrow's new moon and realize a powerful new beginning. Begin a new cycle in which you no longer allow yourself to be dominated by self-created suffering, but create a state of consciousness from which a positive reality can emerge again. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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