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As most of you have noticed, we have been experiencing stronger electromagnetic influences for the past few weeks due to several factors, such as intense solar winds. The impulses were sometimes quite strong, which increasingly weakened the earth's magnetic field and we humans could experience an increase in cosmic radiation.

We are in a magical phase

Cleaning timeI have often mentioned on my blog that these strong cosmic influences, firstly, represent an inevitable consequence in the current process of collective awakening (since 2012, stronger frequency increases - change in consciousness) and, secondly, cause massive changes in the collective state of consciousness. Ultimately, our planet is changing due to these incoming frequencies, causing all of the living beings on it to experience a huge cleansing/transformation process. The primary impact or ultimate goal of this phase is an increase in the spiritual level of all humanity. In other words, when we go through this process, we humans begin to explore our own origins again (our mental abilities, our soul, our creation {we are creation - life itself} and our state of being), through which we not only become aware of ourselves become aware of our own creative abilities (we are creators and create new living conditions every day, we can create or destroy worlds, we are the creators of our lives/our reality), but in parallel, we also open our hearts and develop a love for life (through unconditional Self-love - don't confuse it with narcissism or classic EGO love - it's about acceptance and pure self-love). In particular, a love for nature and natural conditions (in all areas of life) will be rekindled within us. We become much more sensitive and as a result recognize all circumstances/conditions that are based on low frequencies. As a result, we are less and less able to identify with a material orientation, simply because we recognize that status symbols, a lot of money, luxury goods, etc. do not bring us true fulfillment, but rather keep us trapped in an illusion.

In the current age of spiritual awakening, we are shedding our own material orientation and subsequently creating a heart-driven state of consciousness from which a harmonious reality emerges..!! 

In this context, the existing system is increasingly being questioned and one realizes that a lot of things are based on appearances (the current illusion system is being exposed). Well, basically, I've already addressed all of this several times on my blog and, as always, I'm completely digressing from the actual topic. During this time, we humans begin to completely cleanse ourselves. In doing so, we separate ourselves from all shadow-heavy circumstances and begin to create a life that is not only free of inner conflicts, but also consists of a harmonious and peaceful state of consciousness.

The transformation energies are noticeable

The transformation is in full swingHere one also likes to speak of a 5-dimensional state of consciousness, which means a state of consciousness that is shaped by higher thoughts and emotions (hence also a transition to the 5-dimension - transition to a higher/purer state of consciousness). Days, or rather times, in which strong electromagnetic influences reach us always serve our personal development and really speed up the cleaning process. In the last few weeks we have been exposed to strong electromagnetic influences almost every day, which is why the current cleaning phase is enormous. It is pure magic that is currently reaching us and our subconscious is very receptive to changes/reprogramming. We can therefore resolve countless inner conflicts and fundamentally change our thinking. I myself also experience this energetic circumstance very strongly and so I have now been able to find many new ways of thinking and solving problems and resolve some inner conflicts. For example, as mentioned a few days ago, one was a big problem with my website that had been in my consciousness for a long time or had repeatedly reached my daily consciousness. Firstly, I wanted to switch my site to https (secure hypertext transfer protocol) (more security - but losing all Facebook likes + comments on my website and other complications) and install a new design, as this version had a lot of errors, for example one very bad loading time and sometimes incorrect displays. So for years, especially for 1 year, I had a negative attitude (negative feelings) towards the website. electromagnetic influencesIt was therefore an inner conflict that I was confronted with on a daily basis, something through which I legitimized disharmonious feelings in my own mind. But now, in this massive time of change/cleaning, i.e. on days when an enormous cosmic radiation reached us, I was able to bring myself to switch the website to https. I was also able to fix almost all of the errors on the website and drastically improve the loading speed (it worked like magic). A new design is therefore not installed, only the home page is expanded to include content.

Due to the strong cosmic influences, we are currently experiencing a massive cleansing process through which we can not only clear up our inner conflicts, but also fundamentally change the direction of our mind..!!

Well, it felt like a liberation (today), especially since I've been working on the website obsessively and sometimes in desperation over the last few days (yesterday, no joke, all night long until 06:00 am): 56 a.m.). I wanted to install + set up a new theme (even though I really liked the old one), but there were so many errors that it just wasn't possible. In addition, looking back, I didn't like it that much. After a long search (for other designs), I became aware of an article that I could use to improve the loading time of the page (from a 93 score to XNUMX) and so one thing led to another. Of course, there are people who have much larger or more precarious conflicts, but in my life it was a conflict that had been waiting for resolution for a long time. The current time is therefore truly very special and the cleaning process is becoming increasingly important. The Earth is raising its vibration and we humans are being asked to do the same. We should therefore use the current potential and bring about long overdue changes. As you can see in the picture linked above, the energies are still very strong and the peak phase of electromagnetic influences is apparently far from over. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

Electromagnetic influences Source: http://sosrff.tsu.ru/?page_id=7

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